7 Negative Space Nail Art Looks To Copy Now

Negative Space Nail Art

The nails look completely redefining and gorgeous with different and stylish nail art ideas. The latest and most glorious nail art trend nowadays is the negative space nail art. With a beautiful and simple look, these nail arts make the nails look as stunning as ever! With beautiful different shades, glorious designs and breathtaking vivid shapes, these nail arts would simply steal your heart. If you want a beautiful casual look or a party look, complement it with the most adorable and stylish negative space nail art options and get a flawless look. If you are looking for some of the most trending and chic negative space nail art designs,

Here We Present Top 7 Ideas And Designs You Would Simply Love To Copy

1. Mesmerizing Red Stripes

Red is the shade of all time which never fails to look gorgeous and mesmerizing! If you want a beautiful and simple negative space nail art design, try this flourishing nail art with stunning red shade and beautiful and gracious stripped pattern. This nail art would look simply flawless and breathtaking and would enhance the beauty of your delicate hands.

Mesmerizing Red Stripes

2. Beautiful Hearts

Love the cool and trendy heart designs? You would simply fall in love with this breathtaking and gorgeous nail art which comprises of heart designs. This stunning and rocking nail art design with a beautiful shade of black and combination of pretty heart design would make your nails look flawless and gorgeous this season!

Beautiful Hearts

3. Gorgeous Bicolor Stripes

Want a beautiful textures negative space nail art design? Try these stunning bicolor horizontal and vertical stripes and look perfectly stylish. Choose the shades you love and blend it together for a beautiful nail art design. This cool blend of black and green makes the nail art unique, trendy and gorgeous.

Gorgeous Bicolor Stripes

4. Gorgeous Tribal Nail Art

If you want a stunning and trendy variation of negative nail art design, you can try this flawless tribal print complemented with black and white shade and look flawless. The tribal prints and designs always look dramatic and cool. If you want a contemporary look with a dual shade and stunning design, try this stunning negative space nail art design and rock the look!

 Gorgeous Tribal Nail Art

5. Bordered Negative Space Nail Art

If you want a simply stunning and beautiful nail art design, try this amazing idea and look flawless. A gorgeous negative space nail art with stunning bordered design looks perfect and elegant. Choose the shades of your choice and make your nails look as trendy and beautiful as never before!

Bordered Negative Space Nail Art

6. Awesome Nude-Half Moon Nail Art Design

Nude shade is extremely trendy and gorgeous and with this flawless half moon pattern, this nail art is all set to rock the party! If you like nude shades try this blissful and interesting nail art design and look perfectly dazzling. This cool and beautiful nail art design would give your nails a redefining and glorious look worth flaunting!

Awesome Nude-Half Moon Nail Art Design

7. Random Negative Space Nail Art

A random blend of beautiful styles and designs for each nail is a beautiful and glorious idea which can make your nails look extremely trendy and well polished. Complement various designs like geometric designs, nude nail, simple single colored nail, stripped pattern etc for different ails and look dazzling. Choose some of the most classy and interesting shades and blend them into a perfect negative space nail are design.

Random Negative Space Nail Art

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