7 Natural Ways To Lighten Facial Hair

Natural Ways To Lighten Facial Hair

We all have always been on the very same page when it comes to handling the unwanted hair on our bodies. However, it is the facial hair that are most bothersome of all. Regular use of chemically loaded bleaching cosmetics damage the epidermal cells and make the skin itchy, dry and even patchy at times. And not all have surplus money to shell out on regular facial toning and hair lightening procedures. So, to help all you women who are juggling with dark facial hair that make your skin look much darker, we have listed 10 natural ways that will lighten your facial hair and will not cost you much time and money.

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1. Use Lemon As Scrub:

Mix fresh lemon juice with sugar granules. Massage your face, especially the area close to your ears that has the heaviest amount of dark facial hair, with this simple scrub for 5 minutes, and reapply a thick layer of the paste on the face again. Wear it off with ice cold water after 30 minutes. Use twice each day for normal to oily skin, and once for dry skin. Avoid using on sensitive skin.

Lemon has high traces of ascorbic acid in its pulp and juice. And ascorbic acid is a natural bleaching fruit acid that lightens dark hair to resemble the colour of the skin, when used regularly.

Use Lemon As Scrub

2. Use Vinegar As Serum:

Dilute vinegar with distilled water just before you apply it on your face. Use on normal, oily as well as dry skin before you sleep each night. Wear it off the next morning with cold water.

Vinegar comes loaded with natural lightening agents like AHA and acetic acid. This leave-in serum starts depigmenting dark facial hair within 30 days. Its constant use gives the skin an almost hair free look.

Use Vinegar As Serum

3. Use Tomato As Cleanser:

Grind half tomato to make thick puree. Apply the puree on the face after letting it rest in the refrigerator for an hour. Refrigerating reduces the chances of itching in sensitive skin. Start scrubbing the paste bundled with tomato seeds on face for 20 minutes before removing it with cold water.

Remember, tomato is bulked with Lycopene alongside ascorbic acid. This makes it a twice powerful natural bleaching agent than normal solutions.


4. Use Turmeric As Cream:

Simply add rose water and turmeric to form thick paste. Apply the paste on clean face and let it stay for 30 minutes. Massage and wash with a mixture of cold water with milk. Use twice daily.

Turmeric is a fairness remedy, since it is bundled with a spot lightening agent curcuma. It reduces the melanin content that fades the color of facial hair, alongside fading scars. And milk easily removes the yellowness that is otherwise left behind by turmeric.

Turmeric As Cream

5. Use Sandalwood As Massage Cream:

Simply mix sandalwood powder and crushed natural saffron with raw milk. Let a thick layer of this powerful whitening paste rest on your face for 20 minutes. Massage it for further 20 minutes and wear it off with ice cold water.

Sandalwood and saffron reduce the pigmentation by reducing melanin amount. And it is melanin that gives colour to hair as well. Regular application of this massage paste for a month will show dramatic results.

Sandalwood As Massage Cream

6. Use Gram Flour As Exfoliator:

Gram flour can work as a hair lightening exfoliator when mixed with papaya pulp and rose water. Apply a thick layer of this exfoliating paste twice daily, and massage your face with it for 15 minutes. It can be used for all skin types. Wash it off with tap water and top it up with aloe gel.

Gram flour and papaya bleach hair by targeting melanin concentration in hair follicles that actually gives facial hair a blackish appearance. This is a painstaking slow remedy that offers permanent relief for as long as you keep using it.

Gram Flour As Exfoliator

7. Use Ginger As Serum:

Unlike vinegar, ginger juice isn’t a leave-in all night serum. You need to simply mash ginger to get its fresh juice. Add few drops of onion juice in it, and apply on the face for 15 minutes. Wash your face properly with cold water till tingling subsides. Do not use on sensitive skin.

Onion is bulked with natural sulfenic acid and ginger is loaded with ginseng. Both these components are powerful natural fruit bleaching acids that turn black hair to medium golden, when used regularly.

Ginger As Serum

The above listed simple 7 ways to reduce the appearance of dark facial hair are safest for skin. They ideally bleach hair without exposing the face to skin spoiling chemicals. Being natural, they can be used daily.

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