7 Natural Heat Protectants For Hair

7 Natural Heat Protectants For Hair

There are a lot of ways how your hair can get spoiled due to excess of heat, which can be both by using artificial methods such as iron rod, blow drying or the heat from the sun. This will all harm your hair hence protecting your hair is a must. When the hair is damaged, it will cause split ends, rough scalp and can lead to dryness of hair. There are few things available which can help damage your hair, because it is difficult to repair the damaged hair. All you have to do is take proper care of it and be patient. There are a lot of natural ways to repair the damaged hair and can treated at home.

7 Natural Heat Protectants For Hair

Shea Butter

Shea butter can be applied to damage hair, as it moisturizes your hair and will guard the hair from further damage. The butter is rich and has all the properties, which your hair needs and it also gives a better conditioning to your hair. You can also wrap hot towel around your head after applying the butter and leave it for few minutes until you see the towel drying. This will give proper moisture to your hair and will also repair the damaged hair.

Shea Butter

Coconut oil

The oil of coconut is the most commonly found oil and is also available in all the stores. The oil is thick with lot of consistency. Our elders always ask us to apply this oil, as it will nourish our hair. Oiling your head with oil once a weak and steaming it will be really helpful to repair the damaged hair. Use a wet hot towel and tie it around your head and leave it like that for half an hour and wash your head with lukewarm water and don’t apply too much of shampoo. Your hair will get a natural conditioner.

Coconut Oil

Argon oil

Argon oil is high on omega 3 and is really good for hair. Argon oil if applied on hair every fortnight will help secure the hair from damaging. Argon oil is also rich in fatty acid, which is good for your hair. Apply it on your hair and also the oil smells great so there cannot be any problem when you put it on your hair.


Olive Oil

Olive oil is easily available in all the grocery stores and should be applied to the damaged hair. If the oil is heated before applying it will give the best result. Olive oil can be used for damaged hair and it also nourishes your hair from top to bottom and also nourishes your scalp.

Olive oil

Hair mask

Mix egg yolk with yoghurt and apply it on your hair and massage well. Leave it on your head for 30 minutes and then rinse well. Apply a shampoo, which can hydrate your hair and wash it properly. The hair will shine and will also repair it up to some extent. Applying this hair mask twice is a month will be good for your hair. This will also strengthen your hair and will give it natural shine.

Hair Mask

Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil has great ingredients, which will repair your hair and is organic in nature. Oiling your hair with sunflower oil is good and nourishes your hair and also makes the roots strong.

Sunflower Oil

Avocado oil

Refined avocado oil acts like a sunscreen and is good for your hair when applied on damaged hair. It protects the hair from the UV rays. The oil can be mixed with other oil hence making it a rich source of hair protection.

Avocado Oil

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