7 Medicine Ball Exercises That You Must Try To Achieve A Toned Body

Bored with the regular workout, then it is time to add some fun to it by introducing a med ball. The ball may look like a simple spherical tool but it is very versatile and effective in improving muscular power and making the dull exercise routine interesting and entertaining. Available in various sizes and weights, these balls help improve your health and performance to a great extent. Here we have listed few full body daily exercises you must try with the ball.

Medicine Ball Exercises

1. Plank

Position your hands on the medicine ball placed on the ground and kneel down. Extend your legs completely supporting your body on your toes. Engage your core, tighten your seat muscles, push your shoulders downward and back, straighten your elbows and press your hands actively against the ball. Hold the position for 30 seconds, relax and do 10 reps.

2. Superman

Lie down on your stomach with arms and legs stretched completely. Grasp the ball in your arms and slowly raise your legs and arms off the ground as much high as possible engaging the core and back muscles. Lift your head simultaneously. Stay in the position for a few seconds and relax. Repeat the same for a few more counts.

3. Rock And Roll

Lie down holding the med ball and keep your knees bent. Get into sitting position with knees still bent, but arms extended fully frontward with the ball. Pull the ball near the chest as you get into the standing position. Stand straight and extend your arms forward in front of your chest. Slowly get back to squat position and then roll back to your original lying position. Repeat the same for 10 counts.

4. Shoulder Press

Hold the medicine ball (choose a slightly heavier one) in your hands and stand erect. Bend your elbows and grip the ball in front of your chest. Raise your hands upward and reach the ball overhead. Return to original position and continue the movement for 30 counts.

5. Crunches

Lie down supine with arms extended overhead and legs bent from hip to form 90 degree angle with the torso. Hold the ball in your hands and crunch up. Try to touch your ankles with the ball as you crunch up. Get back to initial position and repeat the same for 10 counts with the legs upright and steady.

6. Lunge With Twist

Stand straight with shoulders relaxed and legs placed hip width apart. Engage your core. Hold the medicine ball in front of your chest and step frontward into a lunge. Make sure that your thigh is parallel to the ground. Extend your arms and turn towards your right with the medicine ball while at the same time rotating your torso. Now, return back to your center. Come back to the standing position and now lunge with your left leg and rotate to your left side this time.

7. Lying Chest Toss

You need a pair of medicine balls to do this exercise. Lie on the ball facing the ceiling with the head and shoulder resting on the center of the ball. Bend your knees at 90-degree so that your torso is parallel to the ground. Make sure that your neck is in the neutral position and it is not hanging back or straining forward. Hold the medicine ball with both your hands right above the chest. Exhale and toss the ball above you into the air and while inhaling catch the ball and bring it back above your chest. Extreme caution is required while performing this exercise as it requires good hand and eye coordination.

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