7 Makeup Trends Women Over 40

Women around the world are given straight rules to follow as to what they should wear to what they should not and in case you are old and over the age group of forty, things tend to get uglier. The deal is wear whatever you want to if you can carry it off and apply any kind of makeup that you want without any reservations.

Here Are 7 Makeup Trends Women Over 40

1. The Shimmer Shadows For The Eyes

Shimmer shadows are something that is a must- try for you even if your over forty as it sometimes have the capability to hide the lines and wrinkles that you sport with age. Use the fine powdered ones which will not only create a lovely look but also would hide the lines fully!
The Shimmer Shadows For The Eyes

2. Bring On The Color Eyeliners

Play with the array of eyeliner shades available in the market today as they make your eyes stand out perfectly in the crowd and you look great too! Try a turquoise one if you have brown hued eyes, or amethyst shade with green eyes and maybe bronze shade with your blue eyes. Look lovely and shine!
Bring On The Color Eyeliners

3. Try Highlighting; Strobing Precisely

Give your skin a lovely lift by highlighting the regions of the face which will attract light than the other portions that is strobing for you. Try it yourself while you highlight the bridge of the nose, cheek bones, inner eye corners, cupid’s bow and ya, at the arch of the brows.
Try Highlighting; Strobing Precisely

4. Stay Lively And Fresh With A Blush On

Blushing your cheeks maybe passé but think of the glam and life it can add to your otherwise lined face. Try using a bold color as per your choice and see the difference it makes to your overall appearance.

Stay Lively And Fresh With A Blush On

5. Bold And Lovely Lips

Lipsticks are a woman’s best friend yes, but why do you need to opt for matte light shades when you have the bolder options like the pinks and the reds on the display racks as well? If you are in love with the bright shades, go for them such as the pink ones which can make your look in a jiffy. Line the lips, blend and then add the lipstick to create the perfect impact.
Bold And Lovely Lips

6. Do Up Your Curtains Well! The Eye Brows

Eye brows are considered as the curtains of the eyes and when you can spend hours on eye makeup, why should they be left alone? A simple makeup trick can be to add a few strokes of brow pencil and spoolie brush on them and see the change it brings on to your entire face. Try it and see the difference yourself.

Do Up Your Curtains Well! The Eye Brows

7. The Smokey Eyes Are The Talk Of The Town

Does not really matter if you are 20 or 40, smokey eyes were and will remain to enthrall women of all age groups and even if you are passed 40, you should keep it and try it as much as possible. Change the regular routine and try other darker shades like the grays, the browns and even the taupe shades to change the norm of using black. Blend real well to get the perfect look.
The Smokey Eyes Are The Talk Of The Town

The above mentioned makeup trends are really helpful in changing your looks. You can try them on under the guidance of an exert.

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