7 Long Pixie Hairstyles

7 Long Pixie Hairstyles

A large number of girls and women like to have a pixie haircut for a modern and trendy look. It gives a boyish look to the face and ideal for those who want short length hair. The hairstyle is very popular among celebrities and stars. Even women in the olden times used the pixie cut. It is an all-time favorite for women who want to look cute, glamorous, attractive and elegant. A pixie hairstyle is chosen for fashion and style. Pixie haircuts are of different lengths. If you don’t like a short pixie cut, you can choose the long pixie cut. There are many ways to get long pixie hairdos. We will suggest some hairstyles for you. Following are the 7 long pixie hairstyles.

These Are 7 Long Pixie Hairstyles.

1. Classic, Disconnected Pixie Cut

Classic, Disconnected Pixie Cut hairstyle has a classy look. For this, get a pixie haircut in such a way that the hair is cut long in the upper part of the head while the length of hair at sides and back is lesser than the top. Along with this, make undercut layered bob. It gives a textured, stylish and chic look to the hair.

Classic, Disconnected Pixie Cut

2. Layered Long Pixie Cut

Layered Long Pixie Cut is suitable for women who have thin hair. Get a layered pixie haircut by cutting the hair in a pixie style with several layers. Cut layers in different lengths some short and some long throughout the hair. It will help in adding thickness and volume to the hair. Thus, choose a layered cut instead of cutting the pixie straight.

Layered Long Pixie Cut

3. Long Blonde Pixie Cut

Long Blonde Pixie Cut is a stylish hairstyle ideal for office and work. Get a pixie haircut in such a way that the hair decreases or graduates towards the nape or the upper part of the neck. For a unique and different style, cut layers near the crown area. Instead of the usual style, give a bowl shape to the layers. Make asymmetrical bangs cut long at the front side. Use white-gold hair color on the hair.

Long Blonde Pixie Cut

4. Long Textured Pixie

Long Textured Pixie hairstyle has a disconnected look and it will look nice on fine hair. For this, ask your hairdresser to cut the hair in a long textured pixie haircut. Style the hair by blow-drying the hair with a hair dryer to add thickness and volume. Apply pomade in different directions and style the hair. The hairstyle is suitable for oval shaped face.

Long Textured Pixie

5. Long Pixie Haircut With Choppy Fringe

Long Pixie Haircut With Choppy Fringe is a good hairstyle for blonde hair giving you a fairytale appearance. For getting this hairstyle, cut the hair in a long pixie style. Make choppy fringe in the hair. The length of the fringe behind the head should be more than the front side. This helps in creating volume in the upper part of the head.

Long Pixie Haircut With Choppy Fringe

6. Sassy Pixie Hairstyle

Sassy Pixie Hairstyle helps in achieving great looks. For this hairstyle, get an asymmetrical long pixie haircut in such a way that the pixie is cut in one side longer than the opposite side. Make layers on the side in which the length of the hair is more than the other side. It gives a feminine look. Blow dry the hair and curl it. Spread the curls for making waves on the longer layers side.

Sassy Pixie Hairstyle

7. Asymmetrical Pixie Bob

Asymmetrical Pixie Bob is a hairstyle with unequal hair level with subtle waves. Get a long pixie haircut up to the level of the ear or upper part of the neck. Cut the hair in an asymmetrical manner so that the length of the hair in the backside is less than the front side. Another way to get an asymmetrical cut is making the length at one side shorter than the opposite side. Create waves in the hair.

Asymmetrical Pixie Bob


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