7 Light Brown Hair Colors That Are Seriously Fierce

Light Brown Hair Colors

If you are tired of your current hair color and you are looking for a fresh hair color that can enhance your appeal and make you look ferocious the shades of brown are just the thing for you. If you choose the right shade of brown color that blends with your skin tone and eyes color then it can dramatically lift up your overall persona. Versatility in the shades of brown will give you hundreds of options to choose from. Starting from soft tea tones to the darkest bronze there is an extensive range of brown shades available in the market. You simply need to find inspiration to choose the color that’s made for you. You can also add highlights to your perfect brown color to make it look even fiercer.You can discover your perfect brown from the list of our seven shades of brown that Are Seriously Fierce.

1. Golden Brown Hair:

This shade is warm and classic. If you don’t like many gimmicks then golden brown is for you. It suits best for people with peachy or golden skin type and it the look is enhanced to double if you have hazel or warm green eyes. It is one of the simplest hues that make you look picture perfect. You can add dark blonde highlights to your golden brown hair to make it ferocious.

Golden Brown Hair

2. Honey Brown Hair Shade:

With yellowish brown tinge this hair color is neither too dark nor to light just a perfect balance of both. It looks perfect on people with fair skin and light eyes or with deep golden complexion.

Honey Brown Hair Shade

3. Light Caramel Brown Hair Shade:

This color is meant for people with golden skin tone and dark brown eyes. If you have a fair complexion or pinkish skin tone then you should avoid this color will clash with your skin tone. You can highlight it with dark chocolate color if you like wildness.

 Light Caramel Brown Hair Shade

4. Cocoa Brown Hair Shade:

this shade is pearly brown, pale and it is neither too warm nor too shiny. If you have light blue eyes, fair skin tone then the shade is just for you. You can add cream highlights with this color. These soft highlights will bring dimensions to your look.

Cocoa Brown Hair Shade

5. Golden Bronze Hair Shade:

It is a warm subtle shade with a beautiful blend of golden and red tone, very classy and elegant. This hair color is perfect for people with warm skin tones. The best part of applying this color is that it can go with any color of attire you wear.

Golden Bronze Hair Shade

6. Sandy Brown Hair Shade:

It is a light color looks just right on people with cool complexions and green eyes if you give it a dark color highlights it will enhance your overall personality. It’s a beautiful example of elegant and sophisticated hair color.

Sandy Brown Hair Shade

7. Dark Chocolate Hair Shade:

Well we all love dark chocolate don’t we! This color is also as delicious as it sounds. It is rich, deep, with cool brown tinge and looks luxurious and easily achievable. Have you seen the actress Eva Longoria, it’s her signature hair color. If you have an olive complexion and brown eyes then this hair color will enhance your persona. If chosen rightly this color looks as natural as if you were born with it and yet it is fierce.

Dark Chocolate Hair Shade

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