7 Layered Hairstyles For Square Faces

If the length and width of your face are the same, it means that you have a square shaped face. Women who have this type of face have very prominent cheekbones and jaw. The face looks very beautiful and photogenic in both young age and when a person becomes old. An appropriate hairstyle helps in improving the looks and charm of the face. People admire the square face due to a sculptural chin. A hairstyle that hides the jaw line will look very nice. Layered hairstyles are suitable for square faces. We will suggest some layered hairstyles for you.

Following are the 7 layered hairstyles for square faces.

1. Graduated Long Layers

Graduated Long Layers are a hairstyle like that of Lily Adridge. Get a long layered haircut in such a way that the layers start near the chin level and graduate slowly down towards the jaw line. Turn the layers inside instead of turning them to the outer side. This hairstyle will help in making the face look narrow thus correcting the wideness of a square face.

1. Graduated Long Layers


2. Long Locks With Side Bangs

Long Locks With Side Bangs hairstyle look very nice on a square face. For this, get a long haircut with defined layers. Make a side bang in the hair. Turn it towards the side for adding bounce to the hair. The hairstyle is very light with layers and bangs combined together.

Long Locks With Side Bangs

3. Asymmetrical Layers

Asymmetrical Layers hairstyle like the looks of Gisele Bundchen is a good choice for a square face. To get this look, get a long layered haircut. Instead of making even and equal layers, you should make asymmetrical layers in the hair that are uneven and of different lengths on the two sides of the hair. Make textured waves in the hair. To finish the hairstyle, wet the hair and apply a texturizing spray.

Asymmetrical Layers

4. The Razored Beauty

The Razored Beauty hairstyle can be very nice on a square shaped face. For this hairstyle, get a medium level haircut up to the shoulders. Cut layers and bangs in the hair. Get a razored textured haircut. Highlight the hair with the help of hair color. Use bright hair color on the upper part of the hair. Make piecey cut in the hair endings. In place of a blunt cut, give a textured cut to the hair. For styling the hair, use a hair product that makes the hair smooth. Make the hair dry with a hair dryer with a round brush. Smoothen the hair with a hair straightener. Remove the frizz in the hair with this.

The Razored Beauty

5. Below The Collarbone Cut

A Below The Collarbone Cut hairstyle of Jessica Biel is suitable for women with a square face. Get a long layered haircut. Let the layers frame the face. Turn the layers to the inside. Besides this, cut bangs in the hair. Instead of making all layers equal, make graduated layers. It will narrow the face, jaw, and cheekbones.

Below The Collarbone Cut

6. Elegant Layered Hairstyle

Elegant Layered Hairstyle like Gwyneth Paltrow puts the focus on the face. To get this look, get a long haircut with face framing layers. Let the layers frame the face. For styling the hair, lift the hair roots with the help of a hair dryer. Make waves in the hair. Curl the hair with a hair curler and then use fingers to create waves. Tousle the hair to give a messy look to the soft hair.

Elegant Layered Hairstyle

7. Off-Center Part Layered Hairstyle

Off-Center Part Layered Hairstyle of Anna Paquin is a suitable choice for a square face. Get a long layered haircut. Instead of making a center parting, make an off-center parting in the hair. Change the side of the parting after some days. An off-center parting helps in adding volume to the hair roots. Style the hair by using a hair dryer. Finish by wetting the hair roots with water and applying thickening spray on it.

Off-Center Part Layered Hairstyle


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