7 Latest Nail Art Look You Can Try This Summer

Nail art is an ancient one; the Japanese did it, so did the Egyptians and nail art’s graph has only gone up with time. There is so much detailing involve in the rather small contour of the fingers. And yet it gives so much to try and experiment with. The biggest transition and leap comes from the fact that nail art has started borrowing so much from the art of piercing and it is not about nail polishes or sprays anymore. The length of the nails and even the portion of the nail to be painted are also being given serious thoughts to. This may sound like an outright statement but summer nail arts have everyone buzzing and you too should join the bandwagon. The advantage to have nail art in the following list; you can keep on changing and experimenting as easily as 1, 2, 3.

Here Are 7 Latest Nail Art Look You Can Try This Summer

1. Short Ballerina

Short is sweet and simple to follow. They are still in vogue and will add glitter to your nails minus the flashy appearance. The best colors to choose from would still be the conventional hues of cherry, tan, black and red. They are not scratch ready and hence your beau may go Ooo. He has got nothing to freak out about!

Short Ballerina

2. Spray On Polish

Polish your nail like walls with spray on polish this summer. The idea is a hot favorite largely due to the fact that it is quick and simple to use. Picture this; unlike brushing your nails with nail paint that requires bit of attentiveness, you can go bonkers with spray on polish and remove it from unwanted areas with nail paint remover. Pretty cool, huh?

Spray On Polish

3. Striped Nails

The idea is childishly funny and contemporarily effective. This nail art pattern does not require much of designing ideas, just a bit of craziness would do. Paint the nails’ tips, mid regions and corners with a stripe, that’s it. Each finger with differently positioned stripes, the result will as different as you would have thought it would be.

Striped Nails

4. Orange Peel Nails

The color of orange will be the fruit’s exterior whereas your nail will serve the orange’s insides that have white thread like formation. The very color for this nail art is a reason strong enough to bring freshness to the idea. And there is always so much do like the combination of orange and vanilla candies. You will find out even more of them. We take it!

Orange Peel Nails

5. Oval Nails

Enough of colors, let’s focus on the shape of the nails now. Oval is the all time spunk loaded shape which is also a happy territory for all colors and arts. From one color with added sheen to the most hippie trends, they support all. For a simple reason they are practical.

Oval Nails

6. Deep Greens

Bring the Amazonian greenery to your nails, definitely a big trend this summer that might last till year end. The rich appearance should not deter your spirits.

Deep Greens

7. Letter Nail Art

Of course nail arts can express themselves alone, but letters express you. It’s a great DIY idea too. Nail lettering kits are selling like hot cakes due the soaring popularity of this nail art in the ongoing season.

Letter Nail Art

The above mentioned nail arts are surely going to enhance your beauty and style. So, try the on!

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