7 Kinds Of Coffee And All You Need To Know About Them

 Kinds Of Coffee

Coffee is a lifeline to all the people who have trouble waking up early in the mornings. It gives us our daily dose of caffeine that helps us go to work with extra spirit. Coffee is one of the most popular beverages of the world. Third most popular drink in the west, this drink is consumed multiple times through the course of the day. Many cafes and famous food chains like the Starbucks, owe a lot of their success to this drink’s popularity.

While many of us love coffee, we don’t know the different kinds available and the amount of calories present in each of these. In this article, we are going to study the different kinds of coffee and also give you an idea regarding the nutritional value of each.

1. Espresso:

Espresso is basically prepared by forcing a small amount of nearly brewing water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans. This version of coffee has more caffeine per unit than other kinds. Although high in caffeine, it is usually taken in small quantities and hence the overall caffeine intake is usually low. This coffee contains dietary mineral magnesium, the B vitamins niacin and riboflavin. This is a popular drink in the Europe and is a good choice if you don’t want to consume any calories.


2. Cappuccino:

This variation of coffee originates in Italy and is made using double espresso shots along with milk or cream. This drink, which is fast becoming a favorite among the youngsters, can also be made by adding a few flavoring agents like cinnamon or nutmeg. Although extremely popular, this drink is not considered very healthy due to the amount of calories present in it. The majority of the calories present in this drink come from the milk added to it. Some people even prepare cappuccino using whipped cream which add more to the calories present. This coffee, although high in calories, is in some ways beneficial as it can provide a good amount of proteins and calcium to the body. If you are extremely diet conscious, you could even try preparing your drink with skimmed milk.’


3. Latte:

Caffe Latte, or more preferably, latte, basically means milk coffee. It is prepared by adding one shot of latte to three parts of milk. There are many variations in latte. Along with the usual ingredients, latte can also be prepared by adding some flavoring substances like caramel, or chai concentrate. You could make this coffee healthier by going for low fat milk instead of the usual. You could even try using soy milk to prepare this coffee, which can add fiber and nutrition to your cup. Try to avoid adding sugar or use as less as you can.


4. Americano:

Americano is made by adding a single shot of espresso to a boiling cup of water. This type of coffee is not very different from the typical espresso. This coffee has the same strength and calories as a normal cup of espresso. The only change that you can notice is in the flavor. The flavor of this drink depends upon the amount of water added or the number of espresso shots taken to prepare it. This coffee too, contains very little calories but has no proteins.


5. Mocha Chino:

Mocha chino, or most popularly called, mocha, is a variation of latte. This coffee has chocolate added additionally apart from the usual ingredients used in latte. The chocolate flavor can be added to this drink using either cocoa or chocolate syrup. One can also choose between dark chocolate or milk chocolate to prepare this drink. This drink is especially a favorite during winters, and is probably the best tasting of all coffees. To make this healthier, you could go for skimmed milk instead of normal milk or whipped cream. You could also try to switch the plain or milk chocolate with dark chocolate to add to its nutritional value.

Mocha Chino

6. Macchiato:

Macchiato is an Italian variation of coffee that is made by adding small amounts of milk, usually foamed, to a shot or two of espresso. This coffee contains very little calories as the amount of milk added to it is very little. A regular cup of Macchiato contains around 10 calories. For those who are health conscious but cannot take their coffees plain, this is the best option they could go for. Due to the milk present, it has little amounts of protein in it. You could make this drink healthier by adding soy milk instead. You could also reduce the amount of calories by using skimmed milk.


7. Ristretto:

Ristretto is a short shot of espresso coffee made with normal amounts of ground coffee but extracted with about half the amounts of water. This coffee is more concentrated. Often referred to as the short shot, this coffee is the first 3/4 ounce of espresso in an extraction. Due to being more concentrated, ristretto is often referred to as Absolute Perfect Espresso. This is served with no milk and sugar, and hence has very few calories.


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