7 Intricate Nail Art Landscape DIYs Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Intricate is the word that has smitten the DIY experts and has kept them hooked. DIY is all about getting the inner creator of yours to bring out art so beautiful that it can give the best of artists some serious competition. DIY for nail art has seen some real radical changes and they seem to have launched a revolution of sorts. Nail art has always been a DIY in spirit all along but what recent nail art has brought to the center stage is sheer intricacy that was never in the imagination. So what you see now is very unique and jaw dropping. Nail art has always been about few strokes of brushes attached to the nail paint’s cap. Come to the present time, the mastery is applied using thinnest of brushes; brushes that you used for water colors at school.

Here Are 7 Intricate Nail Art Landscape DIY Will Make Your Jaw Drop

1. San Francisco Bridge

Anything but a pioneer of human engineering, San Francisco Bridge now resides in the DIY nail art community as well. The DIY nail art leaves you wondering how a gigantic piece of metal is drawn in exact proportions albeit a nano version. It is a spectacle of colors, it really is. Match it up or blend two hues to create the aqua effect, each and every element is jaw dropping.

San Francisco Bridge

2. Nature Nail Art

Call out art and nothing in the world can keep nature away. The ideal green landscape that once looked majestic only in your drawing books has now found some place close to you. Nature landscape nail art is similar to the one you draw on any other canvas if intricacy is anything to go by. Start with painting the nails in the color of sky and add colors as per the colors that all elements of nature have. The end result will be a nail art that has the smallest of details highlighted in full frontal mode.

Nature Nail Art

3. Sunset

This nail art portrays the time when the sun takes a dip and twilight moves in. Relatively easy to start with for there is heavy use of various yellow hues; nevertheless the effect is just as stunning as it is when you see the sight in person. DIY creators have also nailed the art of shadow effect on nail art with this one. One look and you would agree.


4. Sunset In The Beach

DIY world’s flirtation with sunset continues in this particular nail art landscape too. This time it is a sunset in the beach that has become the focal point. Not to forget, amidst the palm trees, some space must also be given to paint the sun playing peekaboo.

Sunset In The Beach

5. Snowy Night

All good elements of the nature can be done when DIY intricate nail art is on the move including snowy night. This is easily one of the most calming and potentially more loved DIY nail art as there is nothing but snow effect courtesy white hues.

Snowy Night

6. London City

The city has all admirers in the world and it is able addition in the jaw dropping nail art world. The idea is to capture almost all and every typicality of London city.

London City

7. Kuwait Towers

The view of Kuwait towers is nearly as beautiful in nail art as it is for real. There is plenty to do in terms of adding subtlety and jaw dropping elements even though only two colors are in use; yellow and blue.

Kuwait towers

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