7 Home Remedies To Remove Tan From Hands


Remove Tan From Hands

Sun tan can be one of the most troublesome things we come across during sunny days. Especially if it is on hands it will be quite appealing .face tan can be effectively covered by sun screens but tan on hands is not so easy to remove. Hands are less taken care off when compared to face. Actually, hands are easier to handle than any other parts of the body. You can spend time whenever you are free at home to cleanse and de tan your hands.

Most of us feel very embarrassed when we see our hands darker than our face. If we ignore the sun tan on hands frequently then there is an every possibility that your hands will appear darker forever, so don’t ignore these things and follow our simple 7 home remedies to remove tan from hands. These remedies are so simple that you can follow them in five minutes and the difference will be seen in a few hours. Keep using these simple home remedies regularly so that your skin will glow forever.

1. Tomato Juice:

Tomato juice is a good astringent and works like a bleaching agent. If the tan is quite fresh then you can use this remedy to remove tan in minutes. The advantage of using tomato juice is it is not a tough process and more importantly tomato is available in every household as soon as you open the refrigerator. You can just squeeze a ripe tomato in your hands and apply evenly. Upon drying wash it with water and apply a mild moisturizer. This will pacify the acidic nature of tomato and keeps your skin smooth.

 Tomato Juice

2. Orange Extracts:

Orange is quite effective in making the skin tone lighter. Even if your skin is very dark with heavy darkness, you can use orange juice to remove it easily. Orange is as such a good source of vitamin c and antioxidants which can be very useful for a glowing skin.

Orange Extracts

3. Gram Flour Turmeric And Lemon:

All the three ingredients are age-old sources of beautiful skin. Gram flour benefits have been told since grand mom’s time. Turmeric adds to the importance of gram flour. Lemon juice contains adequate amount of vitamin c and is a natural bleaching agent. When all the three ingredients are added, this paste will act like a cleanser and an anti tan pack. On application of this pack , you can see that your skin tone can come to a lighter level and it has also become smooth. Always remember, whenever you are applying this pack you need to rub the skin smoothly after application so that the dead cells are also removed.

 Gram Flour Turmeric And Lemon

4. Baking Soda:

Not heard much, but, baking soda is a good agent in removing tanning on hands. You can add some water to baking soda and make a paste of it. Apply a thin layer of the pack on the hands. Keep it for 3-4 minutes and rinse thoroughly with water. Keep doing this thrice a week for best results. Do not forget to apply moisturizer after washing this pack. There is a chance that your skin may become dry.

Baking Soda

5. Aloe Vera And Honey And Lemon Juice Paste:

Aloe Vera is known to smoothen the skin and when added with honey and lemon juice acts as a quick tan removal agent for hands. If available in your backyard, extract a half cup of aloe Vera pulp and mash it thoroughly. Then add 2 t-spoons of honey and lemon juice each. Apply this paste on your tanned parts of your hands. Allow it to dry for some time, do not be in a hurry to remove it immediately. After the whole pack is just dry, slowly massage the hands and wash it with cool water. This pack will make wonders on constant application.

Aloe Vera And Honey And Lemon Juice Paste

6. Pomegranate Juice:

As the fruit looks pinkish red if you want your skin to glow with the same colour, then you must try this pack. Take pomegranate seeds and mash them properly, take the juice and apply evenly on the hands. Allow it to dry and wash it with lukewarm water.

Pomegranate Juice

7. Yogurt And Turmeric:

Yogurt contains good amount of lactic acid bacteria which is helpful for the body. Apart from it is a natural anti tan agent . When added with a small quantity of turmeric yogurt can make wonders to your skin. It cleanses your skin and makes the skin tone lighter as well.

Yogurt And Turmeric

We hope that the above 7 home remedies to remove tan from hands are useful to you . make sure that you follow the procedures correctly to remove suntan from your hands.

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