7 Highlighters For Perfect Skin

Not all are blessed to have glowing skin. To make our not so glowing skin glow every day, we use highlighting and contouring. These two practices have changed the game of makeup for many girls. Girls can’t get through their everyday routine without these tricks. Most of the girls prefer highlighting over contouring as it is more intense. Whereas, highlighting provides a healthy and natural glow to the skin. However, finding the perfect highlighting products can be hard. How to choose your highlighter? You need to find a highlighter with soft sheen, blendable formula and most importantly, a shade matching your skin tone. To help you out in this quest, we have brought 7 best highlighters for perfect skin.

Here Are 7 Highlighters For Perfect Skin

1. Mary-Lou Manizer

It is a champagne colored, a soft highlighter that goes well for all skin types and tones. This innocent honey-hued luminizer is very innocent yet clever that catches everyone’s attention. This shadow, shimmer, and highlighter diffuse light to make your skin look younger and softer while adding an ultra-fine glow.

Mary-Lou Manizer

2. Magic Lumi Concealer

This highlighting concealer when applied on brow line, cheekbones, and other dark areas of your face to get a wide-awake effect. It is a unique formula that highlights the skin complexion and improves radiance to offer a subtle glow. Using magic Lumi concealer will give you a ray of sunshine look.

Magic Lumi Concealer

3. Touch Elact Concealer

It is a favorite makeup tool of several makeup artists. Touch elact is not only a concealer but an original face highlighter. This little golden tube has launched a whole new generation of highlighting. By emphasizing on radiance over coverage, this concealer doesn’t mask the skin to keep the complexion more natural and luminous.

Touch Elact Concealer

4. Fluid Sheer

It is a liquid highlighter that gives the most luminous look. This weightless highlighter can be blended with your foundation or worn as a makeup base. For a boost of color and radiance, you can apply this with a blender brush or simply with your fingers. You can also use it for color correction or for adding warmth by blending it with your foundation. It can also be applied on the top of your foundation for contouring or highlighting.

Fluid Sheer

5. Lumi Powder Glow

It is a powder glow illuminator from True Match Lumi that is ultimate in luminosity. It is used to highlight a favorite feature with just one swipe. It works on all skin tones and undertones. Whether they are cool or warm neutral, this illuminator can do wonders by leaving highlighted area fierce and shimmery.

Lumi Powder Glow

6. Naked Illuminated

Naked Illuminated is a silky, smooth powder having a sophisticated and microfine shimmer. You can get naked instantly by dusting this powder. It is a lightweight, shimmering powder that provides the skin a radiant and luminous look. If you are going for a beach party or any dancing party, dust this powder and get a luminous looking skin from head-to-toe.

Naked Illuminated

7. Touch Elact Primer

It is a radiance-boosting, pore-perfecting and skin-smoothing primer. Enriched with subtle golden sparkles and four nourishing oils, this primer can uplift your complexion. After applying this primer, you will notice that your skin is left soft without any greasy residue. This transparent primer works on all skin tones leaving them more even, luminous and smooth.

Touch Elact Primer

The above mentioned highlighters are surely going to change your look completely. Try them out and see the difference in your entire look.

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