7 Hairstyles With Waterfall Braids

A waterfall braid is a beautiful plait for giving a romantic look to the hair. It has a cascading effect. To make the hairstyle, you need to give spiral curls to hair sections and make waves with the help of hair spray. The next step is combing these curls and making the waterfall braid. Make a French braid on the right, left sides of the head and crisscross them. Put pins in hair ends and make waterfall detail. This is the basic waterfall braid. There are different types of hairstyles that you can make with this braid. We will suggest some hairstyles for you. Use our tips and hairstyle suggestions to make beautiful waterfall braids on your hair. Use the hairstyle on special occasions like parties and weddings.

Following Are The 5 Hairstyles With Waterfall Braids:

1. Twisted Waterfall Braid

The Twisted waterfall braid is a fun hairstyle that involves twisting the braid instead of using a plain waterfall braid. To get this hairstyle, you should twist the hair while making the braid to include another hair strand to give a cascading effect with the waterfall braid.


2. Double Waterfall Braid

To make the Double waterfall braid, you have to make two waterfall braids instead of just one. For this, make a usual waterfall braid first. Use bobby pins for securing it. After that, make a second waterfall braid at a distance of one inch from the one we made earlier. Create a basket design with the two braids.


3. Triple Waterfall Braid

The Triple waterfall braid is a very pretty hairstyle in which you have to make three waterfall braids instead of just one or two braids. It is quite suitable for thick hair. First, you should make a double waterfall braid. After that, make French braid creating a waterfall effect under the earlier braid. Combine all the three braids and make a single braid with it.


4. Double Waterfall Ponytail

Double waterfall ponytail hairstyle is a very pretty ponytail hairstyle made with two waterfall braids. Make a French braid and then make waterfall braid. Tie rubber band on the hair to secure the braid. Combine both braids and make a single braid. Collect the hair and make a side ponytail with it. Turn the ponytail to one side of the hair.


5. Loose Waterfall Side Do

Loose waterfall side do is a romantic hairstyle and it involves making a loose hairstyle with waterfall braids. Curl the hair using a hair curler. Do back combing on the hair to add volume. Make sections in the hair and put pins to secure the hair. Make low side ponytail with the remaining hair. Make loop in the end and spread curls using fingertips. Make a messy bun. Make loose waterfall braid and warp its end on the bun. Put pins and apply hairspray.


6. Doubled Up Waterfall

Doubled up waterfall hairstyle gives a boho or hippy look to the hair. Make a center parting in the hair. After that, make two waterfall braids one on the right side and one on the left side of the hair in the front of the head. After that, take the braids behind the head and cross them with each other. Make ponytail at the back or leave the hair open. Use pins for securing the two braids in front of the head.


7. Four-Strand Waterfall

Four-strand waterfall hairstyle involves using four strands of hair to make the waterfall braid instead of using three hair strands. Take hair for the braid and divide it into four sections. Cross the four strands to make a waterfall braid. Use pins for securing the braid at the back. Leave the hair open behind the head.


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