7 Hacks For Making Your Eyelashes Look Perfect And Curled


hacks for making your eyelashes look perfect and curled

Who would not love those gorgeous, curled and long eye lashes flaunting and brightening the eyes? Eye lashes are one of the tiniest abut high impact part of face which can completely redefine our look and make us look more tempting! This super cool feature makes our facial beauty more enhanced and gorgeous. Gone are the days when a single stroke of mascara was enough to get the eyelashes curled beautiful! Nowadays there are numerous equipments and stuff available which can get you adorable and iconically curled eye lashes just in minutes! However, not all ladies are familiar with the perfect methods and tricks which can get their lashes curled beautifully and look awesome! If you are too one of them.

Here Are Some Amazing And Secret Hacks Which Would Make Your Eye Lashes Look Perfectly Curled And Gorgeous!

1. Never Forget To Add An Eye Shadow

Eye shadows can make the eyes look fuller and brighter. If you want cool and amazing eye lashes, here is an amazing trick which would make your eyes and lashes look adorable. Go for the stunning eye shadow shades like black, charcoal, golden and the ones which can make your eyes look more Smokey and bright. This amazing hack would simply make your eye lashes look thicker and gorgeous.
 Never forget to add an eye shadow

2. Heat Your Curler

Heated hair has more impact than the regular and the same applies with the eye lashes. If you want gorgeous and adorable lashes which look perfectly curled and adorable, you must try this dazzling trick which would make you r lashes curl better and stay for longer. Heat your curler and wet your eye lashes before curling, the heating effect would simply make them last long and look pretty!
 Never forget to add an eye shadow

3. Use Waterproof Mascaras

Water proof makeup products has numerous advantages and one of them is long lasting makeup! Especially for eyes, you need to sue products which are completely water proof and would make your eyes look gorgeous and perfect for long! Apply the mascaras which are water proof to avoid spreading and ruining of the mascara this would also let your lashes settle down perfectly and look amazing all the daylong!

Use waterproof mascaras

4. Use a Mascara Comb

There are numerous products available in the market for applying mascara and curling the eye lashes. Instead of the traditional and hectic mascara wands, try using the modern mascara combs and lash curled for an amazing and long lasting effect. Use the amazing lash curled which would get you long lashes and then apply mascara, comb the lashes and make them look adorable!

Use a mascara comb

5. Use Mascara On Both The Sides For A Voluminous Effect

If you want to make your lashes look lavishing and iconically thick, this is an amazing way of getting it! Move your Mascara brush on both the sides of the lashes, back and front for getting thicker lashes. The constant strokes would simply make your lashes look thicker, voluminous and simply adorable!
Use mascara on both the sides for a voluminous effect

6. Use Baby Powder To Makes The Mascara Set And Look Awesome

You can use foundations and baby powders to make your mascara settle well and your lashes look more lengthy and curled. This amazing trick would simply make your mascara settle well without spreading and creating a dark effect. Also it would help in making the mascara look more glittery and amazing!
Use baby powder to makes the mascara set and look awesome

7. Use Spoon To Curl Lashes

If you are finding it difficult to curl your lashes, you can use this amazing and quick tip. The spoon is curled and thus this would help your lashes curl beautifully if you are missing out of a perfect curler. Apply mascara while curling your lashes with a spoon and get amazing results! Use spoon to curl lashes

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