7 Glitter Mehndi Design To Add Some Sparkle To The Tradition

Glitter Mehndi Design

Mehndi is one ritual that we have been following since long and that tradition has also evolved in various ways with modern art. And what do women love? Sparkles and glitters, so this beautiful combination of a woman’s liking and tradition has given rise to something called as glitter mehndi. The glitter can be applied with wet mehndi for the photo-shoot or the orangish brown mehndi to flaunt the pretty design during the functions times.

Here Are Some Very Beautiful Designs To Inspire You To Try This Beautiful Art Out:

1. The Arabic Glitter

Arabic mehndi is the best style when you want to go something for traditional yet modern. In order to keep the design simple and decent, it would be a wise step to keep some balance between the sparkly glitter and mehndi. Create a beautiful Arabic design and add your favourite glitter spark to it.

The Arabic glitter

2. The Dazzling Glitter Mehndi And Nail Colour Combination

Glitter mehndi will look even gorgeous when you match the colour of your ail paint along with the glitter colour used to create the mehndi design. And purple or violet is one unique colour that will grab a lot of attention other than the regular shiny blues and greens. So create this amazing combo and rock the occasion with a modern tradition.

The dazzling glitter mehndi and nail colour combination

3. A Touch Of Pink

Creating a nice mehndi design with a little sparkle may do a great job. This is how the focus remains on the mehndi design and some pink glitter will just add up a little spice to the design as well the pictures to be taken of the mehndi!

A touch of pink

4. The Sparkle Mehndi Look

Wow how interesting would it to be to take such beautiful pictures with glitter all around. This majorly consists of glitter all over the mehndi design. The trick would be to add equal amount of glitter and mehndi while making the mehndi cone which will give this modern effect very nicely. Choose a design that isn’t much complicated or else the glitter will look too messy.

The sparkle mehndi look

5. Glitter All Over

This style of Arabic mehndi forms a lot more different than the others. Infact the usage of glitter is really different too. Pick a Arabic mehndi design which is not very intricate, because the more complicated the design, the messier the glitter looks! So create a beautiful design, and spread the glitter all around the design and not over the design which gives it its unique look.

Glitter all over

6. The Minimalistic Style

If you want to flaunt your mehndi the most, make a point to limit the glitter because your beautiful mehndi design should remain the focal point. Hence, let your emphasis be on the design and add little spots of glitter here and here just to make the mehndi look sparkly and glowing. Most of the Indian style mehndi will have small rounds inside the design, you the trick would be to add some little spots of glitter in these areas to create and rock the minimalistic look.

The Minimalistic Style

7. The Complete Glitter Design

This design is a pure glitter mehndi design if you see! In a earlier design, we aimed to put equal amounts of glitter and mehndi, it would go a different way here. Add a little mehndi and double the glitter in your mehndi cone, which would look like only glitter when applied, but when washed off you will get the mehndi colour and design too!

The Complete Glitter Design

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