7 Gentle Turtle Tattoo Designs For Women

Gentle Turtle Tattoo Designs For Women

The beauty of reptiles and reptile skin attract fashion conscious women. In tattoo market a large number of animal tattoos are found that follow reptiles. It is very often seen that a woman is preferring a reptile.tattoo for body art. Turtle is a reptile. Turtle tattoos are increasing becoming popular in tattoo market.

Turtle is a reptile which has a tough shell on its back. This shell protects a turtle when it is in danger. Though both are in same category still there are slight differences between turtle and tortoise. But this difference is a matter of science. Generally people think a turtle represents some good positive sides. Turtle is a very gentle quite harmless creature. In some nations around the world a turtle stands for longevity as well as healthy life. According to Indian mythology god Lord Vishnu assumed the shape of a turtle or Kurma Avatara and  helped in churning of the ocean for holy nectar. When a turtle swims under water it looks gracefully beautiful. Therefore a turtle tattoo in the body stands for gentleness, poetic beauty, longevity, patience, healthy life and spirituality. A turtle tattoo can be made in places like back, shoulder, arms, side of the body. wrist and in legs.

Here Are 7 Turtle Tattoo Designs For Women

1. 3d Turtle Tattoo Designs

Life like full figure turtle in three dimension is available in tattoo market. The wearer must choose the place and size of the tattoo.

3d Turtle Tattoo Designs

2. Tribal Turtle Tattoos

Simple turtle designs in tribal outline art are also available aplenty in the tattoo market. It is a must have design for women who like to have simple tattoos in the body.

Tribal turtle tattoos

3. Under Water Turtle Tattoo Designs

Unlike tortoise a turtle likes to stay under water most of the time. Some interesting and beautiful designs have a turtle or turtles swimming under water.

Under Water Turtle Tattoo Designs

4. Turtle With Flower Tattoos

It has become almost a norm that the tattoos which are favorite to women should have a design with flower. There are turtle with flower or flowers designs also available in the tattoo market.

Turtle With Flower Tattoos

5. Baby Turtle Tattoo Designs

Some very attractive tattoo designs have cute baby turtle with angelic smile in face. Women who love children can have these in the body.

Baby Turtle Tattoo Designs

6. Turtle With Star Tattoos

A star tattoo stands for showing light or right way in darkness. There are some designs which have a turtle with a single star or a group of stars.

Turtle With Star Tattoos

7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tattoo Designs

Women who love movies can go for a teenage mutant ninja turtles tattoo design. Teen age mutant ninja turtles are characters form the popular cartoon or movie series of the same name.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tattoo Designs

So you want to have a turtle tattoo in your body. You can choose any design from the list given here.

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