7 Funky Mohawk Hairstyles for Girls

Have you heard about the Mohawk hairstyle? It is also called mohican or iro. This is a hairstyle which is more common among men but these days we see many women have taken up this style. In a Mohawk hairstyle, both sides of one’s hair is shaven leaving the middle part. Since women do not like the idea of being bald, they try to incorporate the Mohawk style in a different and some just shave a little. Today we are going to tell you about the 7 Funky Mohawk Hairstyles for Girls. Take a look and try it for sure.

Here Are The 7 Funky Mohawk Hairstyles For Girls 

1. Short Curly Mohawk

There is something about short hair that we absolutely love! When it comes to mohawk, it looks great when your hair is short and curly. You can use some good hair product to get the look. We suggest you to color some of the tips of your hair into a nice bright color for a nice look. In case you want a serious look for the office, apply gel which will last for the entire day.

Short Curly Mohawk

2. Platinum Mohawk

Platinum mohawk looks very classy and glamorous. You should go for platinum hair color which looks very stylish. You will not lose your feminine side while looking very punk rock. Get this cut and then style it by blow drying your hair upwards and then the side. Use a round brush to do so. Once your hair is dry, use a holding product for your short hair.

Platinum Mohawk

3. Braided Mohawk

Braided mohawk looks very hippie. They look cool and it is a very bold move to get this done. There are many women who have tried this look and it does not look bad at all. Why can’t girls have fun? In order to create the look, start making a fishtail braid downward and make french braids towards the side. Now pull the fishtail braid for some volume.

Braided Mohawk

4. Braided Mohawk Fishtail

How about making a feminine fishtail braid? This one is punk mixed with hints of femininity. This fishtail braid creates volume in your hair and looks very sexy. This style is very Dutch in nature. You can take all your hair to the middle and make a fishtail braid out of it. The sides should remain sleek. Use a hair product to hold the shape from the sides.

Braided Mohawk Fishtail

5. Mohawk Twist Updo

This is not a regular mohawk that you will see around. This one creates a very formal yet feminine look. In fact many brides and young girls going to prom are using this hairstyle to grab attention. Yes! This hairstyle is actually very feminine. This is a kind of semi mohawk which you can style for any occasion.

Mohawk Twist Updo

6. Platinum Mohawk With Fade Sides

A mohawk with faded sides looks really nice. You sure need to have a daring heart to shave the sides of your hair so that it gives a faded look. The mohawks you will see around are usually short but if you have long hair, we have the perfect look for you. Go for platinum hair color first and then shave one side of your hair lightly.

Platinum Mohawk With Fade Sides

7. Multi Braided Mohawk

Create this look by making multiple braids on your hair. You can make chunky braids and thin braids as well. You do not need to cut your hair into a Mohawk style. You can keep your natural hair and make the braids and pull your hair into a mohawk style which will create a braid chaos on your hair.

Multi Braided Mohawk

So, try these hairstyles and you might just be surprised looking at yourself because this is very different yet stylish. If you have a great face cut, an amazing jawline and great cheekbones – you should definitely go for the Mohawk! So, go ahead and try it and we are sure you are going to rock these hairstyles!

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