7 Essential Oils For Healthy Hair

Essential Oils For Healthy Hair

Hair is one of our most prominent features and so it helps to use the very best natural products to nurture them. Essential oils are simply a lot of fragrant oils, but with the right amount of carrier oil like coconut, almond or jojoba it can turn into one of the most potent mixes that ought to solve most of your problems. Here is a list of some of the best essential oils that our man can be pampered with.

Clary Sage Oil

Often also referred to as Muscatel Sage, this oil is known for its vast benefits in cases of inflamed scalp conditions, problematic or greasy scalp conditions and can be fused with other essential oils to maintain the optimum pH value of the scalp. This has many benefits apart from being a healthy hair generator.

Clary Sage Oil For Healthy Hair

Cypress Oil

This is one of the best when it comes to reversing and preventing alopecia areata, a severe hair loss condition. One can just add it to their usual carrier oil or fuse it with other essential oils to get the best out of the benefits derivable from this oil. Even a few drops into your daily conditioning regime would do great wonders for your hair.

Cypress Oil For Healthy Hair

Bergamot Oil

One of the most expensive oils to source, the bergamot is a very helpful oil to regenerate the hair follicles and make them grow healthy and glossy over time. This essential oil has the powers to soothe your scalp and promote its growth with a shining sheen across your mane. It helps protect the hair from unwanted damages caused by the environmental factors. The right mix with suitable carrier oils will ensure it is used in the right way. So for length and volume use it with coconut or castor oils, for soothing irritations mix it with other essential oils. The main component of this oil is its citrus nature which helps protect the scalp from the atrocities of sun and burns.

Bergamot Oil For Healthy Hair

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon is a blessing for dry and damaged hair types. It has a property to stimulate the scalp in producing necessary oils from its sebum glands in dry scalped people which in turn makes the hair naturally healthier and glossier. Lemon oil is said to be the best hair oil for dry hair as it actually stimulates the oil glands to produce more oil which leads to healthier, stronger and shinier hair. The strong smell and acidic properties helps prevent any kind of infections and even ward away head lice.

Lemon Essential Oil For Healthy Hair

Lavender Oil

This beautiful hair oil can suit any hair type and is excellent not just for the hair but also the entire body. The name lavender in Latin means “to wash” and so it is not surprising that it is beneficial for our manes. There are multiple healing benefits of lavender oil. Thus it is very good in sorting out any form of scalp related inflammations and infections manifested out of excessive sebum secretions. It has a beautiful fragrance that has the capacity to calm our nerves and give maximum relaxation in any condition. Containing the high levels of anti oxidants, this one is responsible to keep hair well nourished, soft and shining all the time.

Lavender Oil For Healthy Hair

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil stimulates cell division and helps dilate blood vessels. This in turn helps to stimulate hair follicles into producing new hair. However it has a few precautions for usage. It cannot be used during pregnancy and if diagnosed with epilepsy or high blood pressure.

Rosemary Oil For Healthy Hair

Thyme Oil

Thymus vulgaris or thyme, is known to induce better blood circulation that is necessary for your scalp to be able to obtain the necessary nutrients that your blood transfers to the different parts of your body. The access to nutrients will make hair re-growth and also prevent the occurrences of dandruff or similar skin infections. This even spells life into weak and thinning hairs.  So prepare your own concoctions and find out what helps you by the most, after all no two persons are the same.

Thyme Oil For Healthy Hair

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