7 Essential Bed-time Skin Routine To Get Beautiful Skin Every Morning

Essential Bed-time Skin Routine

Often when we get up in the morning, the first thing we look at is the mirror. We see our skin and hair majorly as soon as we get up, but get disappointed because the skin doesn’t look as fresh as the mornings. Ever wondered why your skin looks dull in the morning? It is because the skin was not pampered correctly before bedtime. Skin needs the perfect product which it can absorb the entire night and that is how the skin looks beautiful in the morning.

Here Is A Detailed Routine Before Bed To Let Your Skin Breathe Free The Next Morning:

Remove All The Make-up Off!

The first step would be cleansing the face. The thing that should be done first, is to remove all the make-up off the skin with facial wipes or make-up removers since keeping make-up the entire night causes acne and results to ageing of the skin. Use a special eye remover to wipe the eye make-up off since dark black kohl and mascara can cause dark circles. After that, wash your face with a mild face wash that suits your skin and massage your skin in circular motions. You can also use a scrub twice a week instead of the cleanser to exfoliate all the dead and dull cells from the facial skin. Also every night when washing the face, scrub a towel on the nose area to get all the blackheads and whiteheads off. Splash cold water on the face 2-3 times to close the pores.

Remove All The Make-up Off

Take A Relaxing Bath!

Remember it is not only the face that has to be pampered! So take a nice hot water bath not only to relieve the stress but also to remove the dirt and impurities form the skin. If night baths are avoided then it might result into accumulation of dirt or tan which might make the skin look worse and aged. Use a loofah with a soap or a shower gel to cleanse your skin since loofah exfoliates skin better than your hands! Also use an intimate wash to avoid any infections down there.

Take A Relaxing Bath

Do Not Forget To Tone The Skin!

Most of the ladies after cleansing the face jump to moisturising and often forget a very important step called as toning. Toning makes the skin look firm, helps to get an even-tone, reduces pores and helps get rid of any make-up residue. Choose a correct toner depending on the skin type, dab a cotton pad and decently apply the toner all over your face with the cotton pad. Let the toner dry out completely before your moisturise.

Do Not Forget To Tone The Skin

Use A Special Serum Treatment!

A serum is a little different than a moisturiser and has come in vogue since past few years. A serum has a deeper penetration in the skin and that is how the results will be sooner and the skin will recover faster from the skin issues. A drop of serum will cover the entire face and the neck and will absorb immediately making the skin ready for a moisturiser. A lot of serums are available in the market for different skin types, so go and get one soon.

Use A Special Serum Treatment

Layer The Skin With Luxurious Creams!

Apply your night cream after using a serum. A night cream definitely works better than a day cream because at night the skin is undisturbed and that helps better recovery. Night creams definitely show great results if used every-day and you will have flawless skin each morning. Remember to use a night cream on your “Decolletage” meaning the neck area in layman language. Women make a mistake of using the creams only on their face and forget the neck area thus causing skin discoloration. Also apply lotions or crams on your hands and legs too since a discoloration difference in the face and the body doesn’t look appealing. So moisturise your hands and legs, you can also opt for cuticle creams if you are the one who loves her nails!

Layer The Skin With Luxurious Creams

Time To Treat Tired Eyes!

After applying the night cream, it is time to apply an eye cream. Eyes are the ones which are exposed the most in our daily life be it the gadgets, paper work or even working on the laptop. This leads to tired puffy eyes accompanied with dark circles. Eye creams give life to the eyes and help reduce dark circles with time. Also it brightens up the eyes making them look fresh and energetic.

Time To Treat Tired Eyes

Spot Treatments For Those Big Pop-ups!

Most of the women get irritated when a sudden pimple pop ups without any notice! The best way to treat them is apply a spot treatment before going to bed and the next morning the redness and the size of the pimple will be reduced thus making it flat leaving a mark. And then the mark can be easily covered up with a concealer.

Spot Treatments For Those Big Pop-ups

Yes this night time routine might seem tedious after a hectic tired day, but remember if the skin is not taken proper care of then it will show the results in a long run. The most important thing is to take care of yourself, so spare 5-7 minutes before going to be and see the results the very morning!

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