7 Effectual SLS Free Shampoos Available In India

Effectual SLS Free Shampoos Available In India

A shampoo which lathers well is not the only consideration when planning to purchase a shampoo. The amount of SLS in them determines the amount of lather they would produce. SLS is also called as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which is a powerful cleanser which is responsible to remove the dirt and excess oil from the scalp and hairs. Not only shampoos you may find this component in various other cleaning materials. It has carcinogenic and harmful surfactant that can lead to skin irritation, itching, inflammation, burning etc. When the amount is more it can even damage your hair cells and hair follicles. SLS in any amount is not considered to be good in skin and hair products. Looking at the ill effects of sls many people are moving to sls free products. In this article we will discuss with you seven sls free shampoos in India.

Here Are The 7 Effectual SLS Free Shampoos Available In India:

Age And Colour Protection Shampoo By Pureology Nano Works

Pureology Nano Works has come up with a pure and vegetarian shampoo based on Nano technology. This shampoo is completely free from SLS and helps in better cleansing and nourishing of your hairs. Your hairs become strong, thick and dense. It has a feature that restricts the aging of your hairs and adds life to your hair. The colour of hairs is protected and it becomes gorgeous and lustrous.

Age and Colour Protection Shampoo by Pureology Nano Works

Hair Loss Control Shampoo By L’oreal Paris

L’OREAL Paris which is a popular company in manufacture of skin and hair care products have come up with their sls free shampoo. This shampoo is gently and soothing on your hairs and scalp and adds moisture to them. If you have dry and rough hairs then this shampoo is best for you. Regular application of this shampoo empowers your hairs with strength.

Hair loss control Shampoo by L’OREAL Paris

Keratin Based Hydrating Shampoo By Paul Mitchell Awapuhi

This shampoo is made using keratin proteins which builds new hairs, repairs broken hairs and strengthens your hairs from root. It hydrates rough and lifeless hairs and saves them from fading of their colour. Your hairs become nourished and smooth.

Keratin based Hydrating Shampoo by Paul Mitchell Awapuhi

Smooth And Shine Shampoo By Giovanni

If you are looking for silky, soft and lustrous hairs then this shampoo will fulfil your dreams. Your hairs will become free of tangles so that you can style in various ways easily. This non sls shampoo prevents discolouration of your hairs and makes them healthy and nourished.

Smooth and Shine Shampoo by Giovanni

Moisturizing And Lather Rich Shampoo By Neutrogena

If you have chemically treated your hairs which has left your hairs dry and coarse then this shampoo prevents the dryness of your hairs. Created with the goodness of meadowfoam seeds, olives, almonds this shampoo provides large amounts of antioxidants and vitamins that make your hairs moist and bouncy.

Moisturizing and lather rich shampoo by Neutrogena

Banana Enriched Shampoo By The Body Shop

This shampoo is made with the essence of banana that helps in making your hairs creamy soft, hydrated and fuller. Hair follicles and tresses become strong and get natural shine. It is mild and deals with variety of hair issues effectively.

Banana enriched shampoo by the Body Shop

Baby Shampoo By Johnson

Johnsons bring medically approved and dermatologist tested SLS free, ammonia and alcohol free shampoo which is primarily created to suit the skin of babies. Though its gentle action and healthy formulation makes adults also diverted towards this shampoo.

Baby Shampoo by Johnson

For maintaining and preserving the health of your hairs and scalp it is an intelligent decision to choose one of these sls free hair shampoos.