7 Effective Ways To Take Care Of Makeup Brushes For Maintaining Skin Health

Take Care Of Makeup Brushes For Maintaining Skin Health

Proper maintenance of makeup brushes is extremely important in order to take care of your skin. Unkempt makeup brushes get contaminated with bacteria and fungus. Using those brushes can actually cause irritation, itching as well as acne. In fact, it is much needed to groom and clean your personal brushes according to the type of product they are used for.

Have A Look At The Following 7 Simple Ways To Keep Your Makeup Brushes Clean, Groomed And Tidy:

1. Rub The Bristles On A Clean Cloth:

The first step to proper makeup brushes grooming is to rub the bristles on a clean cloth in order to remove as much stuck makeup on the brush as possible. This methods works well for the brushes that aren’t used for the purpose of wet makeup products. It removes tangled and dried fermented makeup particles to ensure proper bristle cleaning.

Clean Cloth

2. Keep The Brush Under The Sun:

It is an amazing option to reduce the chances of fungus development on brushes, especially in monsoons. The more you expose your brush to neat sunlight, the more germs and fungus are removed. It also dries out wet leftovers that are easier to be scratched and removed.

 The Brush Under The Sun

3. Rub The Bristles With Green Tea:

Yes, green tea is not just necessary to cleanse the system from free radicals and microbes, it can also be used to remove germs from the bristles of your makeup brushes. Simply rub the bristles with used green tea, tea bags. You can also cover the  bristles in freshly made warm green tea, while ensuring you do not expose the base of your brush to it.

Green Tea

4. Soak The Bristles In Lukewarm Water:

It is much needed to ensure that the entire build up on the bristles is removed. And this method is one of the best ways to clean the bristles of the brushes customized for dry beauty products. It reduces the chances of fungus getting accumulated on the brush. Simply add a little liquid antiseptic to warm water, and soak your makeup brush in it. Leave it for 30 minutes. Do not get the brush’s base wet though. Repeat the process three times every week. Do not blow dry the brush. Instead, keep it under the sun for drying the bristles. Blowing hot air can damage the brush hair much like they harm your hair.

Lukewarm Water

5. Spray Alcohol Based Astringent:

Now this goes out to the brushes that you often use for liquid based makeup products. These brushes require more attention and grooming because fungus settles on almost every wet and sticky surface. Evenly spray an alcohol based astringent, even lemon juice will do, on the bristles after rubbing them against a clean cloth. You can also mix alcohol, astringent or both in water and hold the bristles while keeping the base dry. Let the bristles dry naturally under fan or sun.

Spray Alcohol Based Astringent

6. Do Not Store Them In Darkness:

The better air your brushes get, the lesser they are prone to catching fungus and bacteria. It is always a good idea to keep the brushes in an airy room devoid of moisture. The best is keeping them in a well ventilated room that gets optimum exposure to sun as well as air.

Do Not Store Them In Darkness

7. Do Not Squeeze The Bristles Too Often:

Cleaning the brushes is necessary, but squeezing them too hard and too often to get rid of water isn’t an ideal solution. It reduces the quality and life of the brushes by making the bristles coarse. Instead of squeezing, it is better to gently press them against dry clothes and then keeping them upside down to let extra water drain. Then, simply keep them under fan or sun.

Do Not Squeeze The Bristles Too Often

The above listed 7 simple ways will not just ensure that your skin stays healthy, they will also ensure that the brush lasts much longer.

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