7 Effective Tips For Healthy Long Hair

Effective Tips For Healthy Long Hair

A stylish haircut gives a true reflection of a beautiful look. In fact, hair is considered to be the crowning glory for everyone especially for females who always crave for beautiful and attractive unique look. Women of the modernized world who’re conscious about their hairstyle always demand long, healthy and shiny hair but unfortunately, many of them fails to maintain the glory of long healthy hair due to improper caring of it. Here are some special and effective tips for long hair that will help you in maintaining its healthy and shine for long years.

Here Are The 7 Effective Tips For Healthy Long Hair:

Apply Oil To Your Hair Regularly:-

Oiling of hair is very necessary as it provides essential nutrients to it required for its growth. In fact, oiling the roots of your hair not only offers nutrition to it but also it gives them sufficient strength to grow strong and long.

Oil your hairs

Massage Your Hair Regularly:-

You must massage your scalp with good hair oil at least twice a week with soft hand so that it may carry proper blood circulation on your scalp which in turn can stimulate the growth of your long and healthy hair. Massaging of hair with lavender oil is highly recommended by hair experts as it promotes hair growth and also offers additional nutrients to hair roots which are good for stimulating the blood flow to entire body too.

Scalp massage

Apply Shampoo For Healthy Hair :-

While washing your hair, it is always recommended by hair experts to  wash them with a branded shampoo as shampooing offers better hair care to its user and removes common hair problems comfortably. However, it is always advisable for women too wash their hair thrice a week with shampoo as daily washing of it makes the hair dry and somehow brittle. Also you must apply limited quantity of shampoo to your long hair as excessive application of shampoo and sulphates on hair can harm them.


Wash Your Hair With Normal Water Only:-

While shampooing your hair or washing your long hair, you must remember to use only cold or normal water for such purposes so as to prevent your hair from dryness and dizziness like unwanted effects. Also, you must not wash it off with hot water because it produces same effect like that of heat treatment on hair.

Washing of hairs

Use Better Hair Conditioner:-

Conditioning is the most important aspect of maintaining long healthy and shiny hair that offers great protection to your hair against pollution and dirt. Conditioner also performs the task of preventing dryness factor from hair by locking out the moisture in the shaft and giving utmost strength to your hair roots. Even after applying conditioner, if your hair still remains brittle then you must opt for a deep conditioning once in a week by applying a suitable hair pack to your scalp followed by tying it with a towel around your hair. Doing this activity will help your hair roots to absorb nutrients perfectly.

Conditioning your hair

Comb Your Hair With  Toothed Comb:-

For better hair care of your long hair, you must use a wide toothed comb for combing your hair after the completion of above steps. You must brush your hair carefully and must avoid breakage of your hair while brushing them.

Combing Instructions

Always Trim Your Hair In 2months:-

To maintain the good health of your long hair, you must trim your hair to about ½ inch in every 2 months as this will minimize further hair damage and will boost its growth.

Trimming The Hair