7 Easy Yet Effective Ways To Lose Weight During Winters

Ways To Lose Weight During Winters

As winter is about to knock your door so you are probably getting ready for the wardrobe make over especially for the upcoming festivals like Christmas and New Year but have you ever given a second thought about the make over of your health care regime?

What if your favorite jeans won’t come fit on Christmas Eve? Or if you appear with a double chin in New Year’s pics? Well as we know winter is all about holidays, festivals, and parties along with lip-smacking foods and temptations which contribute a lot to winter weight gain. To add to this winter generates laziness and you feel very unlikely to work out with those heavy and warm clothes and in turns by the end of winter you put on all those kilos for which you had tried hard throughout the year to cut down! But ladies don’t fret as there are some effective ways you can keep winter weight gain at bay, want to know? Let us enlighten you.

Here Are The 7 Effective Ways To Lose Weight During Winter:

Stay Active:

Try to stay more active in winter to burn extra calories that you put on during that time by excessive intake of fatty –fried foods. If you enjoy winter sports then indulge in snow-shoeing or skiing. You can even do walking or roaming around the malls etc. If you can’t stand the low temperature outside then, hit the gym, it is one of the best ways to work out indoor in winter. Apart from that you can also bring fun video game or work out DVD for work out at home.

Stay Active

Hydrate Yourself:

Another important tip to stay slim in winter is to drink plenty of water. During this season you try to heat your body to ditch the chilling cold but this process makes your body dry and to add to this dryness the harsh winter air even makes you dryer. That dryness causes thirst and that gradually leads to make feel hungry and could make you eat more. While drinking enough water keeps off the hunger and helps you to be in shape.

Hydrate yourself

Eat Frozen Fruits And Veggies:

Fresh fruits and veggies are the essential parts of your regular diet especially when you are struggling to put off extra calories. As these fruits and vegetables are loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber and all nutrient compounds hence they makes you healthy but without providing extra kilos. These food items also make you fill up so you don’t feel the urge to grab more foods which are laden with fats. To get the maximum benefits you can opt for frozen fruits and veggies as they are found to have more vitamins and minerals when frozen. You can go for frozen peaches or berries or other fruits and veggies to stay slim in winter.

Avoid Frozen Fruits And Veggies

Increase The Intake Of Teas:

Apart from consuming adequate water you can also opt for having teas either green, black or herbal ones according to your taste. But it will be better if skip sugar but if you can’t devour them raw you can add honey to sweeten them. These teas not only give you the needed warmth in the freezing winter but also work as food suppressant and help you to keep off the extra weight.

Tea Health Benefits

Utilize Your Smart-phone:

Apart from calling, you use your smart-phone mostly to take pictures or to connect to different social networking apps to interact with people, now use it beyond that, for something more beneficial to you. You can either install health topic related apps or food journals and track your calorie-consumption on a daily basis. This will help you to set a goal and you can control calorie-laden food intake to a good extent.

Utilize your smart-phone

Staple Oatmeal To Your Diet:

Oats, especially the organic ones are the potent compounds to keep extra fats at bay. Oatmeal is highly enriched in protein and fiber hence it helps to keep the glucose and blood pressure levels in your body, in check. To receive the maximum benefits you can include oats to your breakfast every morning as it also assists in keeping your energy level high throughout the day and reduces the hunger.

Oatmeal (2)

Have Adequate Sleep:

One of the surprising reasons for gaining extra kilos could be inadequate sleep. Insufficient sleeping accelerates the secretion of such hormones which generate hunger in us and you feel the urge to have more foods including the fatty, oily or fried ones to gather energy. Many scientific studies even shown that people, who sleep less than 6 hours, are high in BMI. Hence get 6 to 7 hours of sleep daily to avoid putting on extra calories.

Get Proper Rest And Sleep

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