7 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Tummy Pooch

Ways To Get Rid Of Tummy Pooch

A pooch in the tummy area is a result of either a c-section or years of being lazy and having a diet that really never helped in easing the problem. But the thing is that you are not really far away from getting rid of the pooch. What you have to do is adapt for some simple changes and resort to these in a strict and disciplined way. You can actually get rid of that pooch and reduce the size of it drastically.

Here Are The 7 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Tummy Pooch:

1. Cardio Exercises

Nothing can have an impact on that pooch more than exercises. It has been seen that cardio is as vital for getting rid of that pooch as any ab exercises. Cardio helps to loosen the fat around the stomach area and this in turn works to melt fat. Remember that the pooch in this area is a cause of fat and loose skin due to c-section. So without cardio, there is really no way of getting rid of that fat. Opt for a cardio workout session like swimming, aerobics, walking, running, etc.

Cardio Exercises

2. Stomach Exercises

After the cardio workout, the next big step to follow is a routine where you work on the abs and the stomach. Now remember that stomach exercises work only if you are doing cardio too. There is nothing like reducing the pooch alone with spot exercises. Stomach exercises that really work here include ab crunches, planks, reverse crunches, leg raises and of course side oblique exercises. You should do these at least 4 times a week, before cardio for getting rid of that pooch.

Stomach Exercises

3. Strengthen The Muscles

Remember that ab crunches and above exercises may actually work in reducing the stomach and providing you with better shape, but they might not be strengthening the muscles internally. For this, you have to do either yoga or Pilates, which work on the internal muscles of the body. These muscles are worked internally so that they can regain their lost strength because of pregnancy or even lack of exercises over the years. Opt for boat pose, hundreds in Pilates, cobra pose and bow pose to get the muscles in this area moving and strong. It will help in stretching the muscles of the area along with providing you with agility and getting rid of that pooch.

Strengthen The Muscles

4. Diet Changes

No pooch exercises or walking or anything else will provide you with results, unless you decide to go ahead with a strict diet schedule and change. Often, c-section causes in a lot of bloating in the stomach area and the primary cause of this is wrong food habits. You should consider opting for a healthy diet that is laden with fibre through fresh fruits, vegetables and cereals. Another factor to keep in mind is that you should avoid excess salt intake and aerated drinks. Both tend to lead to tummy swelling and bloat the pooch area even more. Diet changes will really reflect here.

Diet Changes

5. Avoid Long Sitting Postures

Once a little pooch is developed because of c-section or due to years of inactivity, it is not easy to get rid of the same. But you should remember that one of the major causes of a pooch is sitting for prolonged periods. This could be at the desk, while commuting or even as a part of the lifestyle habit. Make sure that you do not sit for prolonged periods. Doing so causes the stomach to bulge out, which in turn results in the pooch becoming more prominent.

Avoid Long Sitting Postures

6. Wear Cinchers or Tummy Bands

These tummy bands and cinchers help you improve posture and really work immediately after a c-section. After taking permission from your doctor, you can get a stomach belt so that your posture is not hampered. Most women tend to walk slightly with tummy out due to c-section pain. This becomes a habit. A cincher or tummy band helps in curbing this problem. It also means that you are able to control the growth of the tummy in the wrong direction.

Wear Cinchers or Tummy Bands

7. Activity and Lifestyle Changes

There are some activity changes that you should also incorporate in your lifestyle. These little activities really have an impact on controlling the pooch and helping you reduce and tone it. Try going up the stairs and down. When going up suck the tummy in. This really works in toning the muscles of the stomach area. Avoid sleeping on the sides, try to sleep on the tummy or straight so that the stomach muscles have time to heal. You should also try to wear high waisted clothes for a while, including high-waisted panties that help in controlling the pooch.

Activity and Lifestyle Changes

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