7 Easy Makeup Tips For Busy Women


Owing to the busy schedule office going women and housewives during festive season find it difficult to do a proper step by step makeup.The steps of applying a primer, foundation, concealer , setting powder, blush, eye shadow, lipstick feels tedious. Looking presentable is important as well, so let us look into some makeup tips that can make this little easy.

Here Are The 7 Easy Makeup Tips For Busy Women:

1. Use Bb Or Cc Cream

Your make up will look flawless only if the base is done perfectly. Mostly women use moisturizer, primer or concealer as a base which automatically takes a lot of time. To save time apply any BB or CC cream as a base. These creams are multitasking in nature as they act as a moisturizer, foundation and primer.


2. Use Felt Tip Eyeliner

Eye makeup is not complete without eyeliner and applying an eyeliner takes more time than applying eye shadow, mascara. If you want to save your time use felt tip eyeliner rather than liquid or pencil liner. As felt tip liner has a nib and it is easy to handle. A single stroke of felt tip liner is enough to get that look.


3. Use Cheek Stain As A Blush

Instead of using a brush and applying blusher which takes time,keep a cheek stain in your vanity case. Just dab it on your cheekbones and blend it with fingers.


4. Use Multiple Makeup Products

Keeping the makeup products back after use is more time consuming than applying makeup. Instead of using many products, use products that can be used in many ways. Instead of using a moisturizer and sunscreen, use a moisturizer that has sunscreen in it. This will save time.Use a pencil eyeliner, it can be used as an eyeliner and it can also be used as a kajal in your water line.There are some makeup products that can be used as cheek stain, lipstick and eye shadow.Keep such products in your vanity. Instead of applying a lip gloss over lipstick ,use a lipstick that has gloss effect. It will save time.


5. Get A Stylish Hair Cut

As you do not have the time to use makeup everyday so to get a stylish look get a hair cut done that suits your face. A well groomed look can add more charm to your personality. If you do not have the time to wash hair daily , use a dry shampoo. Just apply it on the roots and it will give volume and freshness.


6. Get Regular Beauty Treatment

Everyday makeup is difficult but you can manage once in a month beauty treatment. Threading, bleaching, facial, waxing can be done once a month . Perfectly shaped eyebrows give a well groomed look. Bleaching will lighten the facial hair and make it appear brighter . These treatments will save time as fresh and clean skin needs less make up.


7. Maintain Healthy Skin

Our skin needs a lot of nourishment and if it is dry and dull, it will require more attention. So in order to keep your skin healthy take a balanced diet. Take proper sleep and drink lots of water . Always remove makeup before going to bed . Regular cleansing and moisturizing of face and neck at bed time will make skin soft and supple.


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