7 DIY Sunscreen Recipes To Protect Your Skin From Harsh Sunlight

7 DIY Sunscreen Recipes To Protect Your Skin From Harsh SunlightSummer makes everyone happy but not the skin. Sun rays hit straight during summer and causes a lot of damage to the skin. But do not worry, as sunscreen can help protect the skin. Though there are so many readymade sunscreen lotions and creams available, the craze for homemade ones never fades. Here we have listed few very simple and inexpensive homemade sunscreen recipes. So this summer try these without burning a hole in your pocket.

Sunscreen Recipes:-

1. Cucumber:

Slice peeled cucumber into small slices and extract the juice out of the slices by blending them in a blender by adding a little water. Add some glycerin and rose water to the cucumber juice and mix well. Refrigerate the mixture for some time and dab the solution on your skin before going out in the skin. Leave it for some time and wash off using cool water.

2. Peppermint:

Combine 100 ml water with 4 drops peppermint oil, 4 drops spearmint oil and 10 drops lavender oil in a bowl. Whisk the ingredients until it gets frothy. Transfer the solution to a bottle and use it to cleanse the face twice a day.

3. Tea Leaves:

Steep two tablespoons tea leaves in a cup of water for the whole night. Strain the water in the morning and use this water as sun blocker. Store the water in a bottle and apply the solution on face twice daily. Rinse using cold water once it dries and reapply if required, rinse and pat dry.
Tea Leaves

4. Sunscreen Oil:

Take pure coconut oil, say about half cup and mix up with 10 drops myrrh oil and a few drops of carrot seed oil in a glass bowl. Mix the ingredients well using a spatula and store it in a mason jar or a bottle. Apply on the skin before going out in the sun and reapply on skin exposed to sun if required.
Sunscreen Oil

5. Aloe Vera:

Take a fresh aloe leaf and scoop out the gel from it. Put it in a blender and add 2 tablespoons avocado pulp. Mix some carrot seed oil and myrrh oil to the blender and blend thoroughly. Let it cool down for a while and transfer the solution to a spray bottle. Use the spray on your face as sun blocker.
Aloe Vera

6. Shea Butter:

Shea butter is a great skin protectant and has approximately 6 – 10 SPF. You will need Shea butter (1/2 cup), Coconut oil (1/3 cup), Essential oils of Carrot Seed (15 drops) and Myrrh (10 drops). Zinc oxide (2 tbsp), however this is optional, you can instead increase Myrrh essential oil to 40 drops. The oil has an SPF 15. With zinc oxide, the recipe will have an SPF of 40 and without it will be 20 – 30. Make sure to measure all the ingredients carefully. If there is inconsistency in measurement, it can impact its fluffiness. Add coconut oil to the whipped raw Shea butter. Add essential oils (add in zinc oxide at this stage and use a mask while mixing zinc oxide). Whip until fluffy.
Shea Butter

7. Bees Wax:

This sunscreen is more water proof. You will need Avocado oil (1/4 cup), coconut oil (1/4 cup), Beeswax (1/4 cup) Myrrh essential oil (10 drops), carrot seed essential oil (15 drops) and zinc oxide (2 tbsp). If you do not want to use zinc oxide, you can add 40 drops of myrrh. Add coconut oil, beeswax and avocado oil in a double broiler. Stir the ingredients on a low heat until it melts. Remove from heat once all the ingredients have melted and add in Shea butter along with essential oils. Make sure that you do not add shea butter when the mixture is very hot, as it will turn grainy. At this stage, you can also add zinc oxide, if you are using and whisk until there are no clumps. Store this in a container and use as any regular sunscreen.
Bees Wax

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