7 DIY Homemade Sugar Scrubs For Exfoliating Skin

Sugar scrubs are great in smoothening rough skin as the sugar granules help in exfoliating and acts like a natural scrubber for the skin. While sugar scrubs are quite a craze in the cosmetic market today, when you try your hand at buying any of them, you will be surely burning a huge hole in the pocket due to the fact that they are extremely expensive. Thus the best solution lies in preparing sugar scrubs at home and applying it and seeing the difference it makes to your skin. With plenty of DIY sugar scrub options that you can prepare and keep, here we are with some of the popular and easy ingredients to keep your skin soft, supple and beautiful.

Here Are 7 DIY Homemade Sugar Scrubs For Exfoliating Skin

1. Sugar Scrub With Cranberry

A natural scrub made up with vegetable glycerine, oat powder, orange essential oils, cranberries, sweet almond oil and of course sugar, this is a wonder DIY make to apply on to the skin. The method is to first blend the cranberries with almond oil and glycerine in the food processor and then mixing sugar and essential oil to the mix in a bowl. The oat powder added at the end adds to the thickness of the mix.

Sugar Scrub With Cranberry

2. Brown Sugar Scrub With Coconut & Vanilla

As the name suggests, this DIY scrub is a perfect mix of brown sugar, vanilla and coconut oil which are all great as a moisturizer for the skin. To prepare this one just needs to mix all well together and then rub and massage the same to get the results.

Brown Sugar Scrub With Coconut & Vanilla

3. Sugar Scrub With Green Tea And Mint

This homemade sugar scrub is made up from ingredients which include green tea bags, olive oil, essential oils, mint tea bags, honey, olive oil, vitamin E oil and sugar. To prepare this sugar scrub, you would need to mix all the ingredients together and then slowly add the oil and the honey to get the favoured wetness level. This scrub is great to pacify dry skin however it is important to do a skin test before the first application as this mix tends to be allergic to certain skin types.

Sugar Scrub With Green Tea And Mint

4. Cane Sugar Scrub

This one is made up of cane sugar, coconut oil, vanilla extract, vitamin E oil and kosher salt and is prepared by mixing all the ingredients together. The best part, it is easily stored in an air tight jar and works great on rough and dry skin too!

Cane Sugar Scrub

5. Sugar Scrub With Banana

This sugar scrub makes use of granulated sugar, vanilla extract and squashy, overripe and brown bananas to create. To prepare this one, you would need to mix all the ingredients into a goop using a fork and then apply it all over the body. In case you want to use this as a face pack, just minus the sugar part and you are great to go!

Sugar Scrub With Banana

6. Sugar Scrub With Tomatoes

This DIY sugar scrub as the name suggests make the use of sugar, slice of tomato and essential oil to prepare. This one is great for use to beautify skin naturally due to the exfoliating properties in sugar and the skin enhancing properties of tomatoes which are also the base ingredients for a large number of skin and hair cosmetic products.

Sugar Scrub With Tomatoes

7. Sugar Scrub With Ginger

This amazing sugar scrub is extra great due to the fact that it can be used both as a face and a body scrub and makes the use of coconut oil, ginger, granulated sugar, cold pressed oil (almond oil or jojoba oil or sunflower oil) , essential oils and koshers salt to prepare. To create this one, you would need to first heat the pieces of ginger in a saucepan along with coconut oil for about 5 to 10 minutes. Post that, you would need to extract the juice from the same using a coffee filter and then add the cold pressed oil and cool the same in room temperature. The last step is to add the granulated salt, essential oil and salt in to the same and lock in a jar for present and future use and application.

Sugar Scrub With Ginger

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