7 DIY Amazing Natural Lip Mask For Pigmented Lips

 Pigmented Lips

Pigmentation is a very common beauty threat. Lip pigmentation is a big bother. Genes too play an important part in some people. Usually lip pigmentation is caused by inadequate lip care, smoking, health disorders, and over exposure to sun and heat may cause lip pigmentation. It is advised not to apply lipstick when you have lip pigmentation as it would aggravate the condition. You can use natural and safe lip balms that will help you regain soft, supple and healthy lips. The ingredients should have the properties to lighten the pigmented lips.

Here Are Some Natural Lip Masks That Help In Treating The Pigmented Lips:

1. Lemon, Coconut And Almond Oil:

Take a teaspoon of juice from a fresh lemon and mix it with almond or coconut oil. Coat your lips with the mixture of oil and lemon juice. Lemon helps to bleach the pigmentation. It checks and conceals the production of melanin that darkens the lips. It breaks down the dead epidermis by moisturizing, dampening and thus making your lips soft and supple. The oils from almond and coconut heal the flubbed skin.

Lemon, Coconut And Almond Oil


2. Fuller’s Earth And Honey:

Take some fuller’s earth and mix the required amount of honey to make a smooth paste out of it. Apply the paste on your lips for a thick coating. Leave it on for 15 minutes. After that give a gentle rub to your lips as you slowly wash it off with water. This will aid in removing the moisture depleted skin on the lips that will result in moist and soft lips. Application of this lip mask daily is recommended to restore natural color of the lips.

Fuller’s Earth And Honey

3. Sugar And Olive Oil:

Take a pinch of sugar and mix it with a teaspoon of oil. Now gently Rub it over the pigmented lips with the olive oil and sugar blend. Leave the blend on your lips for 15 to 20 minutes and wash it off using lukewarm water. Sugar automatically polders off the debilitated skin and the olive oil effectively and efficiently lightens the dark lips.

 Sugar And Olive Oil

4. Beetroot And Glycerin:

Beetroot lip mask tots a radiant red color to your lips and the mask helps to lighten the pigmentation of the lips. The color of the beetroot acts as a natural and healthy substitute to lipstick. Combine vegetable glycerin with a little water and add to it three drops of juice from beetroot. Smooth the integrants and coat your lips with the mask made of beetroot. You may leave the lip mask on your lips and wash it off whenever you want.

Beetroot And Glycerin

5. Yogurt And Cucumber:

Yogurt has elements in it that helps in the curing of pigmentation. Lactic acid in it is a natural agent that exfoliates the dry and pigmented skin on the lips. Cucumber lightens and mitigates the skin. The lip mask that contains yogurt and cucumber is an efficient and productive solution. Smooth out half a teaspoon of yogurt with the same amount of cucumber juice. You may add a drop of honey to the mixture and apply on your lips as a lip mask and wash off with water after 20 minutes.

Yogurt And Cucumber

6. Kiwi Lip Mask:

Take a slice of Kiwi fruit and grind it. Apply the juicy paste to your lips. It is best suited for summer as it effectively cools and smoothes away the dry and chapped lips as it is an excellent exfoliating agent. Leave the paste for about 15 minutes and rinse it clean if you want to.

Kiwi Lip Mask

7. Orange blossom Lip Mask:

You can do this lip mask at home with the ingredients in your kitchen. Take some sugar, honey and orange essential oil and mix the ingredients and apply it on your lips and leave it to cool your lips and wash off with plain water.

Orange blossom Lip Mask

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