7 Different Nail Shapes You Should Be Inspired Of

Nail Shapes

Nails are one of the most beautiful and stunning part of female body which completely enhances and beautifies her look. The nails are captivating, elegant and glamorous. This is an irresistible and immensely beautiful part of your body which can be styles, shaded for a gorgeous look! Gone are the days when women were bound to the single arched shape of the nails. With time and trends, the shapes of nails got more varied and beautiful. People come up with vivid and cool shapes for the nails which would simply look flawless and mesmerizing! There are numerous shapes which can be tried according to the length and broadness of the nails.

Here Are 7 Interesting And Amazing Shapes Which You Can Get For Your Nails And Dazzle

1. Amazing Square Nails

This is one of the coolest ad iconic nail shape which has rocked the ramps. Women love this adorable and classy shape which would make the hands look flawless and truly addictive. These cool square shaped nails are perfectly complemented with the French manicures which look killer and highly dramatic. This is such an amazing shape to consider if you have broad and long nails!

Amazing Square Nails

2. Sqouval Or Square-Oval Shape

This new and redefining shade is a perfect bend of the square and oval shapes. If you love oval but require a bit of edginess in your nails, this is the perfect nail shape you can go for. This iconic squoval shape would make your nails look perfectly sculpted and trimmed. Especially if you have narrow and medium length nails, you can try this super cool and stunning nail shape and get them a brand new rocking look!

Sqouval Or Square-Oval Shape

3. Amazing Small Rounded Shape

This is the most widely found nail shape among women. The small and narrow nails are generally trimmed into this cool, charming and tom boy shape. The cool and small rounded nails look amazing and stylish as all the other! If you have the habit of nail biting and cannot resist longer nails, this is the shape for you! For small and tiny nails, you can go for this round trimmed nails which would look perfect and dazzling!

Amazing Small Rounded Shape

4. Cool Oval Nails

Love your nails a bit sharp and oval? This is a cool and iconic shape which can make your nails look flawless and desirable. This amazing shape gives a sharp and bulging shape to your nails making them look awesome. If you have amazing narrow nails with medium length, you can go for this cool and short shape and trim them while making them look adorable. Try this and we assure you would redefine your boring short nails into dazzling brand new nails soon!

Cool Oval Nails

5. Almond Shaped Nails

The almond shaped nails are highly glamorous and would simply provide you numerous options for manicures and nail arts. If you have adorable lengthy and narrow nails this is a perfect and cool nail shape which you can try. The amazing sharp and arched shape would make your narrow nails look awesome for sure!

Almond Shaped Nails

6. Stiletto

The stiletto nails are highly dramatic, funky and cool. If you have long and adorable nails, go with this super trendy and iconic style and make your nails look flawless with a brand new and redefining shape. Try this cool and dazzling shape with amazing nail arts and manicures and look adorable!


7. Ballerina

If you want a cool and stylish blend of the square and almond shaped nails, here is a super stylish and rocking shape which you must try. For your broad and long nails here is a glittering shape with the bulging and round base and square edge which looks completely jaw dropping!


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