7 Cute School Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

Cute School Hairstyles

While getting ready for the school early morning, girls desire for an easy hairstyle so that in can be done quickly and is quite cool. These hairstyles work with any of the outfits and are done for all types of hair. Just a few minutes for fixing the hair before walking out of door for the school day. Cute and messy hairstyles are a trend nowadays. A braid along with messy curls are the looks in fashion. The shorter and more medium length hairstyles have started to get super trendy in offices as well as schools.

Here Are 7 Cute Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair:

Crossover Clip

Gather two sections from the top of the hair and pull it back. Cross these sections at back of the head and pin these back again with a clip. Then position the clip in horizontal direction and clip the strands of the hair. Leave rest of the hair naturally.

Crossover clip

Fishtail Braid

Divide the hair in two sections and comb the hair such that they become tangle free. Then, cross one strand from right section to left. Take one strand from outside corner of right section and then crossover. Again cross one strand from left section to right section. Again take one strand from outside edge from left section and cross this over. Continue the crossing of strands back and forth. Continue this till the end and it will look like a fishtail.

Fishtail Braid

Half Ponytail

Divide the hair in two layers, a top layer and other one bottom layer. Then gather top layer and pull it back and then away from the face, securing it with rubber band and eave rest of the hair. Finish it with clips or headband.

Half ponytail

Side Ponytail

Both, a neat ponytail or a messy ponytail can be done. Brush the hair to one side either to the left or to the right. Then gather the hair to a ponytail below and then behind the ear. The ponytail’s end should be over the shoulder. The end of the ponytail should be secured with a rubber band.

Side ponytail

Braid Hairband

Grab some section of the hair on any side of the head. Then braid this section and wrap it over the head, securing with some bobby pins. Leave the remaining hair or tie up in a ponytail.

Braid Hairband

Layered Ponytail

Divide the hair in some four sections. Stack them on the top of each another to form a line, stretching it from top of the head to the neck. Start tying the first section to a ponytail. Then tie the other section to a ponytail, by adding the previous ponytail. Further, repeat the same with the rest of the sections.

Layered Ponytail

Basic Quiff

Put the hair in either a ponytail or in a bun. Pull some of hair from the forehead and create bangs. Brush the hair in upward direction and start twisting it. Clip the hair on the back and apply some hairspray or some water. Push the hair somewhat forward to create a quiff.

Basic Quiff

Shoulder length or medium hairs are flattering and they are very easy for maintenance. but sometimes can be bit tricky while considering style. Some up dos, which looks cute requires long hair, whereas some short styles do not need that. But still, there are no signs for resigning oneself until a lifetime of the trend of wash and then go.

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