7 Crystal Lip Art You Will Be Amazed Of!

Crystal lips are something that is becoming really famous nowadays and you this is something that you can find in the Instagram where everyone is posing the crystal lips. It looks really gorgeous and you can do various things with your lips and create amazing designs. They look hot and gorgeous, but you need to go to parlor to get these lips. They are not easy to do at home and if you think that you cannot paint well, then you should surely go to the parlor and get your crystal lips. They are the hottest topic currently. There are various colors for the crystal lips and you can choose from and you can also match them according to your dress that you wear. It looks great in special occasion or somewhere you are planning to be funky and great. It is the hottest things on lips nowadays and it looks really great without a doubt. There are many designs and patterns for the crystal lips.

Mentioned Below Are The 7 Crystal Lip Art You Will Be Amazes Of

1. The Roses Crystal Lip

This is one of the best crystal lip art that you can use on your lips and it looks really gorgeous. You can get this when you are wearing an evening gown or on some wedding functions. It is perfectly apt for the occasion and it looks wonderful.

The Roses Crystal Lip

2. The Gracious Lip Art

This is another great lip art, which will amaze you by its creativity and coloring. The lip looks amazing and the shades of blue come across very well. The crystals attached on one side adds a lot of drama to the lips making it look gorgeous.


3. The Black Crystal Lips

Applying a black lipstick is always a little daring thing to do and not everyone can do that. But the black crystal lips looks amazing and the sheen and the crystals added on the edges make it look so dramatic that you will surely be amazed by it.

The Black Crystal Lips

4. Diamond Lips

Every girl loves diamonds imagine how it will look when you have diamonds on your lips. The diamond lips looks amazing and it is perfect for the festive occasion. You must defiantly try it, to believe it. They look extra ordinarily beautiful and amazing.

Diamond Lips

5. The Galaxy Crystal Lips

This is another great crystal lip art that you will amaze you. If you love the space then imagine a space being made on your lips. Truly astonishing! It looks wonderful and overtly creative. The shading on the lips the stars looks classic. It is not an easy to do thing and it takes a lot of time to get the perfect art. Only if you believe that you are an artist then only you must go for it.

Galaxy Crystal Lips

6. The Crystal Looking Lip

This is another great crystal lip idea and if you have seen a crystal and how it looks, the lip looks exactly like that. The colors are so beautiful that it will astonish you.


7. The Golden Crystal Lip Art

This is one of the crystal lip art that people are going crazy for. The lips look amazing and the way it is done makes you feel that it is not lips but crystal. The beauty of these lips is that they look really beautiful and doesn’t look gaudy at all.

The Golden Crystal Lip Art


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