7 Concealer Tricks For Making Your Skin Look Flawless

Concealer is one of the beauty essentials that every woman must own. It is mostly used to hide darks spots and blemishes on the face. Also the effect of even skin tone can be achieved with the help of concealer. Hence, concealer is considered as an essential beauty product. But, most of the woman does not effectively use concealer to get its beauty benefits. The trick lies in applying the concealer efficiently. There are many things that have to be taken into consideration while getting

Here Are 7 Concealer Tricks For Making Your Skin Look Flawless

1. Apply Concealer Before Foundation

There is a confusion regarding application of concealer before or after the foundation. But, it is very effective if you apply concealer before foundation. This is one of the best techniques of applying concealer. First, apply concealer, and then apply foundation. This gives amazing flawless skin effect to your face. As you apply concealer, problematic areas like dark circles and blemishes can be evened up. Once done, foundation can be applied very smoothly for an even skin tone.

Apply Concealer Before Foundation

2. Green Concealer For Red Spots And Blemishes

Color of concealer plays an important role in giving you the effect of even skin tone. In order to cover up red spots and blemishes, you can get benefited by using green concealer. But, make sure that you are not using green concealer for hiding darker spots or circles. It won’t be of much help to you.

Green Concealer For Red Spots And Blemishes

3. Yellow Concealer For Even Skin Tone

Yellow concealer comes to your rescue if you are desperately looking for an even skin tone. Use this on the affected areas of the face for achieving even tone. Yellow can be considered as a safest color while using concealer as it is the basic concealer color which is preferred by many in general.

Yellow Concealer For Even Skin Tone

4. Pink Concealer For Dark Spots And Circles

Blue concealer best works in covering areas that are affected with purplish and dark blue spots or circles. If you are suffering from severe under eye dark circles or spots, you must try using pink concealer for getting a flawless skin effect. These areas can be well covered with the help of a pink concealer.

Pink Concealer For Dark Spots And Circles

5. Apply Translucent Powder After Concealer

Applying translucent powder with the help of a large and fluffy brush helps in giving you an even skin tone effect. This technique is especially useful for hiding any uneven spots under the eyes. Just apply a pinch of loose powder on top of concealer. This helps to set the concealer in its place.

Apply Translucent Powder After Concealer

6. Lighter Than The Foundation

When selecting a concealer, always go for the one that is one shade lighter to your foundation. It gives best results in enhancing the features of your face. Choosing concealer that is light in shade than the foundation helps in setting your rest of the makeup by giving you a flawless skin effect. Be sure that the shade of concealer is not too much light as it won’t serve your purpose.

Lighter Than The Foundation

7. Apply With Sponge

The trick of applying concealer lies in even distribution of the concealer. You can make use of a sponge for achieving this. First try to apply concealer under your eyes into 4 or 5 small dots. Now with the help of sponge try blotting the concealer evenly into your skin.
These are various tricks of using the concealer effectively. Hope this article is helpful and informative.

Apply With Sponge

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