7 Common Solutions To Get Dandruff Free Hair

A dry, scaly scalp can cause dandruff. There are various factors that causes the presence of dandruff in the hair. By involving some minor changes in your daily routine related to the hair growth, you can surely get some best results as required.

Below Is A List Of Few Causes And Their Solutions For Dandruff Hair

1. Improper Brushing

Proper brushing aids the scalp and removes dead skin cells. It also increases the flow of blood and increases the air supply into scalp & hair. After shampooing your hair; brush your hair with a wide comb starting from the scalp towards the tip and continue brushing all over your scalp. This will help in distributing the natural oil of your hair to prevent coming of dandruff.

Improper Brushing

2. Irregular Shampooing

Washing hair irregularly can clog residue of dead skin cells and oil on scalp which causes dandruff and itchy scalp. So, in order to get dandruff-free hair, it is highly suggested to wash hair alternative days with a mild herbal shampoo; as strong detergent & chemicals included in regular shampoos can cause rough, dry and frizzy hair. Use a conditioner after shampooing but make sure to apply it an inch away from the scalp and rinse-out thoroughly.

Irregular Shampooing

3. Stress

Stress highly disturbs our body physically as well as mentally. Extreme emotional disturbance or work-pressure or even exam pressure, can cause hair loss and dandruff. Try making a strict routine which includes healthy eating at proper time, drink plenty of water and keep mind cool, stable & under control.


4. Excessive Use Of Hair Products

Use of excessive products on to the hair can even cause to dandruff prone hair. Using such products can temporarily give you shine, smoothness and style but at the end  of the day it leads to damage your hair as it come in contact with chemicals and various unhealthy treatments. But if has become your daily need than it is recommended to use hair sprays, gels and mousse in less quantity and finally take care with proper cleaning as described above.

Hair Products

5. Wrong Diet

In early time, our grandparents have never complained about having dandruff in their hair as they consume all healthy food items. Improper diet is the worse cause of dandruff in today’s fast life. The modern diet is the cause behind hair loss, dandruff and unhealthy hair quality. More use of processed items and fried food causes tenderness, which leads to hair-cracking & dandruff. Avoid eating such food and start eating healthy diet which includes oil food items (sunflower & sesame seeds,  walnuts), fruits, veggies and yogurt.

Wrong Diet

6. Remove Dandruff From Dry Scalp

People having dry skin suffer from more dry dandruff, and the case gets worse during winters because of dry weather & cold wind. In order to remove dandruff from dry scalp use some natural products such as Need, olive oil treatment, aloe Vera, vinegar, garlic and tea tree oil. Massage any one of them on to your hair a period of time and feel the change. Most of all avoid using hot water and give a scalp massage while washing hair.

Dry Scalp

7. Remove Dandruff From Oily Scalp

‘Seborrhoeic Eczema’ is a common disease seen in people having oily skin/scalp. This causes a clog of white to yellowish fragments on the oily parts of body like scalp, eye brows, face, side of nose, and back & inside of ear. To get rid of this problem, try using medicated shampoos containing ketoconazole, zinc pyrithione and salicylic acid. Use this shampoo twice weekly for a month.

Remove Dandruff From Oily Scalp

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