7 Common Side Effects Of Stevia

7 Common Side Effects Of Stevia

7 Common Side Effects Of Stevia

Stevia or sweetleaf is a derivative of South American plant named ‘Stevia Rebaudiana.’ This sweetener prevents the blood sugar level from increasing and is totally free from calories which make it different from other sweetener available in the market. This sweetener has been approved by FDA but on the other hand, there is a risk of some mild side effects on using stevia as a sweetener in foods and beverages. Following are the side effects of using stevia which can be cured using medical treatment for the same.

Here Are 5 Common Side Effects Of Stevia:


Consumption of stevia in form of food and beverages results in making its consumer prone to allergic reactions. In fact, stevia can cause allergy like anaphylaxis which requires immediate medical treatment for the fast recovery from this complication. However, this allergic disease rarely targets common people but if a person is suffering from other allergies like daisies, ragweed or marigolds then the risk of such allergy increases more to such sufferers.


Respiratory Problem:

Intake of stevia regularly may cause some respiratory problem like shortness of breathe as a major side effect. It is therefore advisable for you to stop consuming stevia when you realize breathing problem so that the problem may not become more complex.

Respiratory Problem


Difficulty is swallowing is realized by a person who regularly eat stevia as a sweetener that makes his body prone to weakness condition. However, immediate quitting of stevia and following healthy diet will be helpful in fast recovery from weakness.


Stomach Problems:

High quantity of stevia in the body cause an upset stomach, bloating or nausea as a side effect due to the presence of stevioside in it. It also decreases your hunger which can cause weakness in your body. However, you must consult your health professional so that these symptoms do not subside in your body.

Stomach problems

Metabolic Disorder:

Regular intake of stevia as a sweetener directly affects the functioning of metabolic system thereby limiting your ability to convert food to energy. It causes interference in carbohydrates absorption by the body.

Metabolic Disorder


Numbness is another common side effect of consuming stevia regularly which can be cured easily by making some medical precautions.



Stevia high intake can cause dizziness in your body which can also make you fainted in case you didn’t stop consuming stevia.  Sometimes the dizziness may become more complex and may impact your ability to stand without assistance or walk properly.


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