7 Common Beauty Problems During Monsoon With Remedies

Beauty Problems During Monsoon With Remedies

The rainy season is a lovely time of the year; everything around you is lush green and a treat for the eyes. It’s a different feeling; getting drenched in the rain, watching the cloudy go by, experiencing the evening sky and its various hues. However, monsoon season also brings with lot a number of health and beauty problems. Listed below are the 7 most common beauty problems which occur during monsoon and some simple home remedies to get rid of the same; have a look:

1. Frizzy Unmanageable Hair:

In the monsoon season the air is extremely humid. As a result of the excessive humidity, our hair also receives lot of moisture which makes them frizzy; frizzy hair is extremely difficult to manage and style. Excessive moisture may also make your hair dull in appearance and could even lead to hair fall. These issues could be handled by few simple tips. Avoid using heat to dry or style your hair; also use minimal hair products. You can replace your normal chemical based shampoo with natural alternatives. Apply lemon juice on your scalp and hair for few minutes before washing your hair to make it more manageable.

Frizzy Unmanageable Hair

2. Acne:

The build-up of germs, sweat, excessive moisture, oil and dirt on your skin is the perfection condition for development of acne and monsoon season provides the perfect combination of all the above mentioned factors. Therefore, there is a high possibility of experiencing an acne breakout during monsoon. To avoid the same, apply a home-made face pack – made by mixing a spoon of turmeric powder with some gram flour and milk, on your face and allow to dry. Rinse while scrubbing it gently once dried; this routine helps in cleansing your face as well as reduces bacterial growth.


3. Skin Allergies Or Skin Infections:

The monsoon season brings along with it a number of skin allergies, rashes, skin infections – bacterial and fungal both, as the climate is perfect for the growth of infection causing organisms. To avoid the skin allergies, make a habit to drink a glass of warm milk with some turmeric daily before sleeping. Another simple remedy is to gulp down 2-3 small buds of garlic with warm water in the morning. This reduces the development of skin infections during rains.

Skin Infections

4. Brittle Nails And/ Or Nail Infections:

During monsoon, our feet and the nails mostly remain wet and moist; wearing closed shoes makes it even worse. These conditions lead to bacterial and fungal growth causing infections of the nails, feet as well as makes the nails very brittle. To avoid the chipping of nails or nail infections, soak your feet in warm water mixed with lemon juice and vinegar for few minutes and dry properly.

Brittle Nails

5. Dandruff:

Monsoon season increases the chances of developing fungal infections as well as scalp itchy scalp. This causes dandruff which may also result in hair fall. The best way to treat the dandruff caused due to monsoon season is by applying yogurt on your scalp (unflavoured unsweetened); you can also mix it with some egg white for better results.


6. Sun Damage:

Most of us avoid using a sunscreen during monsoon and this eventually tends to cause hyperpigmentation as well as skin damage due to excessive sun exposure. To reduce the damage caused by sun, make sure you apply sunscreen before stepping out. An anti-tan natural face pack made from turmeric, sandalwood powder and milk can be applied to reverse the skin damage.

Sun Damage

7. Facial Folliculitis:

The hair follicles, especially of the face, tend to get inflamed during monsoon season causing redness and rashes over the face. To heal the same, you can apply ice over your face 3-4 times a day or as per need.

Facial Folliculitis

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