7 Colorful Stained Glass Nail Art Designs

7 Colorful Stained Glass Nail Art Designs


The stained glass windows in the Churches are artistic, decorative and fascinating. The colorful reflections they create are so intriguing and splendid that they inspire to create beautiful designs. If your are someone who is mesmerized by this artistic windows and want to include it in your fashion trend to make a statement, then try out the stained glass nail art. It is so colorful, impressive and easy to create. All you need are nail art brush, colorful nail colors, a top coat and black color nail paint. Check the gallery below to get some ideas on how differently you can recreate the fanciful design on your nails.

Stained Glass Nail Art Design

1. Colorful Splash

Draw a freehand demarcation using striper and create space you can fill up with bright nail colors of your choice. Fill the spaces carefully using vibrant colors and highlight the demarcation neatly with black. Add a transparent coat to finish the nail art.

Colorful Splash

2. Stained Glitters

Be it a rock concert or a night party with friends, glitters add spark and more glam to the look and make your look hot and sophisticated. Simply create broader, well-demarcated strips and fill them with colorful glitters with sequins to make your nails striking and extra dramatic.

Stained Glitters

3. Half And Half

Half and half is a pretty attractive nail art that is trending among the youth this season. Paint one half of your nails with colorful stained nail art and the remaining half nude or white. Highlight the demarcation using black and finish the design with a top coat. Quite charming and contemporary this nail art will look.




Half And Half

4. Pretty Pink

Pink is soft, light, feminine and elegant and so is this pink stained nail art design. Choose different hues of pink nail polishes for this design. Paint the nails with a white base and add some pink glitters over them. Do a stained art design on the middle finger using the different pink hues and go for a stained heart on the forefinger. This is such a fascinating design that every one will fall in love with it.

Pretty Pink

5. Metal Sequined

When you want to try something really stylish and a bit quirky than a simple, regular stained design, just add a metal sequin to your nails. Not too flashy, but elegant and artistic enough to make a statement. You can either polish your nails with nude or transparent nail polish and go for a hollow stained nail art with a beautiful design on the center or just go for a glittery stained nail art with an accent nail using metal sequins both ideas will look fantastic.

Metal Sequined

6. Stained Glass Circles

To create this look you need black acrylic paint, coloured jelly polishes, silver holo polish, detail brush and striping brush. Start with glittery silver base coat. Once the top coat is dry, draw circles on it using black colored paint and fill the circles with different colors. Apply the top coat and you are done

Stained Glass Circles

7. Half Moon

This is a slight variation from the typical stained glass technique. Here a white acrylic color is used to outline instead of black, which gives a distinctive touch to this nail art. Apply the white nail polish on the nails creating a half moon look. Once it dries, place a narrow piece of scotch tape at the tip of the nail. Apply three different nail colors (pink, dark blue and light blue or your favorite colors) on the white background using a makeup sponge. If you find excess paint on the skin, you can remove it using the nail polish remover. Draw random lines on it using white acrylic paint. Add gold lines around in the arch form with the dotting tool. Remove the scotch tape. Complete the look by applying a top coat.

Half Moon

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