7 Braid Hairstyles With Buns


Tying the hair in pretty braids makes a woman look very beautiful. If you want to enhance the beauty of this hairstyle even more, you should combine it with buns. Using buns on the hair along with braids twisted in an attractive manner is a very good option for getting a glamorous look. It looks even better if you have very long and straight hair. There are many ways of making braids with buns. We will suggest some good options for this. Use our tips and hairstyle suggestions to create attractive hairstyles with braids and buns together. Choose the best hairstyle that will suit you. Following are the 7 braid hairstyles with buns.

1. Elegant Bun Hairstyle

Elegant bun hairstyle combines several small and thin braids with buns. Divide the hair from the front part and back into several thin box braids. Combine the braids at the back of the head and make a big sized elegant bun. Wrap some braids around the bun.

Elegant Bun Hairstyle


2. French Fishtail Seashell Braid

French fishtail seashell braid is a good hairstyle that combines the bun with a braid. For this hairstyle, remove the tangles from the hair by combing it well. Divide nape hair into three sections and make seashell braid. Add volume to the hair by teasing it up. Make fishtail with the remaining hair. Tie the braid at the neck level. Twist the fishtail into a low bun. Wrap the braid around the bun.

French Fishtail Seashell Braid


3. Zipper Braid With Bun Hairstyle

Zipper braid with bun hairstyle involves making French braid in the hair and combining it with a bun. For getting this hairstyle, make a big sized bun at the top of the head while making a French braid behind the hair below the bun in a zippered style. The hairstyle looks like a zip with the bun.

Zipper Braid With Bun Hairstyle


4. Triple Braided Bun

Triple braided bun involves making three braids with a bun. For this, take two sections of hair from the left and right sides. Tie the remaining hair at the center from the front, back of the head with a rubber band, and make a braid. Create a bun with this braid. Make two braids with the side hair sections and combine it with the bun at the back of the head. It makes a triple braided bun.

Triple Braided Bun


5. Elegant Twisted Braid Bun Hairstyle

Elegant twisted braid bun hairstyle involves making twisted braids along with bun. Make several thin box braids all over the hair. Combine the braids into a bun. For this, you should twist the braids by taking the left side braids to the right side of the bun and the right side braids towards the left side. Make the bun high at the top of the head.

Elegant Twisted Braid Bun Hairstyle


6. Side Big Braid Bun Hairstyle

The Side big braid bun hairstyle is very easy to make and all it requires it making a bun with a side braid. For this, you should make a loose bun at one side of the hair at left or right side. Gather the remaining hair to make a low bun formed into a knot. This is a good hairstyle option for women who have round face. It also suits square face.

Side Big Braid Bun Hairstyle


7. French Braid Chignon Hairstyle

French braid chignon is a very good romantic hairstyle for girls and women. It is easy to make this hairstyle. For this, you should do a side parting in the hair and make French braids at right and left sides of the head. Gather the hair, take it behind the head and form a messy bun with the braids along with the rest of the hair.

French Braid Chignon Hairstyle


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