7 Bestselling Matte Lipsticks Available In India

Bestselling Matte Lipsticks

Almost all women love makeup! Makeup without lipsticks is absolutely incomplete!! Just like eyes lips are also an important part of women’s external beauty which reveals a lot about them. Therefore it is very essential to wear the right colour and texture of lipsticks to suit your personality and occasion. Lipsticks are available in various colours and types such as glossy, matte, long wear etc. In this article we will be telling you about seven best matte lipsticks. These lipsticks are made for daily wear and can be worn easily in office or college. With a single application you can start feeling the subtleness and effectiveness of these classy makeup products. The best part of these lipsticks are that they lasts long and don’t smudge easily.

Here Are The 7 Bestselling Matte Lipsticks Available In India:

Pink And Coral Matte Lipstick By MAC

This matte lipstick tops our list and has been one of the most favourite lipsticks based on the quality and consumer review. If you are a fond of matte lipsticks then this one has to be there in your makeup kit!! This lipstick is available in lovely pink and coral shades which are one of the shades close to every woman’s heart. Depending on the intensity you can apply it once or twice. You would easily find this matte lipstick in MAC outlets.

Pink and Coral Matte lipstick by MAC

Velvet Matte Lipstick By Colorbar

Colorbar is yet another very popular brand in cosmetic Industry. Its products are of high quality and loved by women all over the world. Colorbar brings you cost effective matte lipsticks to give a soft nude brown shade to your lips. This lipstick is most appropriate for regular wear. It has long lasting nature and blends very easily on the lips.

Velvet Matte lipstick by Colorbar

Peach And Coral Matte Lipstick By Inglot

Inglot brings a very soft and girly shade lipstick to take away the hearts of women population. They have launched their “106” matte lipstick which has a peachy coral shade that suits daily and party wear occasions. It is very soft on the lips and gives amazing shine to them.

Peach and Coral Matte Lipstick by Inglot

Peach Carnation Matte Lipstick by Lakme

Lakme is world famous brand offering top class products in cosmetic Industry. Its wide range of exemplary products has gained worldwide recognition. Their “Peach carnation LipColor” matte lipstick is ideal for office and college. It has a pinkish brown colour which looks more of a nude shade.

Peach Carnation Matte Lipstick by Lakme

Rosy Pink Matte Lipstick By Chambor

Chambor is an ever known brand in makeup Industry. It presents matte lipstick which has a cute pink shade that renders a warm and soothing touch to the face. It does not dry quickly and has a good lasting power with amazing matte finish.

Rosy Pink Matte Lipstick by Chambor

Pinkish Red Lipstick By Deborah Milano

Deborah Milano presents their best matte lipstick in pinkish red colour which has become popular among young generation. It looks extremely gorgeous with best finish. For an intense and long lasting colour this lipstick is worth having!

Pinkish red lipstick by Deborah Milano

Nude Shade Lipstick By Faces Satin

This is a pretty lipstick having nude shade. It is in huge craze among college goers. This lipstick is offered in several bright and exciting colours. It’s incredible staying capacity and price makes it a good investment on your beauty!

Nude shade lipstick by Faces Satin

Hope you have enjoyed reading this informative article. Choosing one from numerous brands and types of lipsticks is really difficult. Pick up any of these above mentioned brands and bring out the diva in you!

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