7 Best Ways To Make Makeup Last Longer On Oily Skin

All you ladies out there, this is a shout out for you, a beneficial one in fact. You may have to go out for an event and either it may be very far from your place or there may be a situation where you might be delayed at the party, in both the cases, you want to look beautiful and thereby wanting your make up intact. There also might be incidents where you require the makeup setting for the whole day or for the majority of it but you fail to keep it on because of simple mistakes you make or you are unaware about the same. Let us see some ways by which you can set your make up last longer than the usual; a pretty much essential thing for a woman.

Here Are 7 Best Ways To Make Makeup Last Longer On Oily Skin

1. Begin With A Clean Slate

Oil and water aren’t best of friends when it comes to mixing and thus it is very important to have a clean and clear face. Remove the dirt (caused by oil in majority of cases) before setting the makeup and this could be done by washing your face thoroughly (preferably with an oil-free face wash). This would fill up pores and avoid pimples at the same time.

Begin With A Clean Slate

2. Apply The Concealer First

Most of you apply the foundation before concealer, but try the other way round. The concealer when applied helps you avoid excessive usage of foundation and this will definitely make your makeup last longer.


3. Apply The Perfect Foundation

If you have found the perfect foundation for your skin, then half the job is done and if not, then keep hunting until you don’t. The foundation is the major component when it comes to makeup and by the name itself, if the foundation isn’t good, the holding power will also be brittle.


4. Neutral Colored Eyeshadow

To make your eyeliner stay longer, try applying a neutral colored eyeshadow on top of it. Because it is neutral, it won’t affect the color and you have the desired one on for a longer period as it works as a protective layer for the same.

Neutral Colored Eyeshadow

5. Kiss Of The Lips

It may sound gross but a little help can be provided by applying a concealer on your lips. The getaway begins when you apply lipstick over it and thereby it never came off. This will give you the lipstick to stay all day long and even better, glossy lip balms can also be done in the same manner.

Kiss Of The Lips

6. Go Waterproof

Not only in the monsoons but during an event it is bound to get humid in the hall. Humidity affects the makeup drastically and patches without makeup on your face will make you irritated and leave the party as soon as possible. It may be on the costlier side but for example, mascara for your curls and eyeliner for the eyes if waterproof, can hold their shape for a long time and certainly not spilling water on your hard work.

Go Waterproof

7. Use Hairbrush

Nothing new in this area of expertise. Using a hairbrush to get you the style you want is way better than you using your hand to get the same. Furthermore, while using a hair brush, the advantage is that you can apply a thin layer of concealer and foundation whereby reducing the chances of these two cake up or create creases.

Use Hairbrush

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