7 Best Ways To Get Rid Of Dead Dry Skin On Feet

Get Rid Of Dead Dry Skin On Feet

Feet are a very exposed and open part of our body. After caring for your face on the priority, we often forget to care for our feet which make them more rough and dry! Dry feet are a very common issue and can target you in any season and anytime.

Generally the skin of your feet is extremely thick and needs smoothening treatment to make it soft and supple. Especially the heels get extremely rough. There are some super awesome ways to treat this dry skin and make your feet smooth! From scrubbing to massaging, from loofah to some secret ways to make your feet smooth, here we have some cool methods which you can use to fight the dead skin from your feet!

1. Vaseline:

Vaseline or petroleum jelly is such an amazing element which can work magically on your skin. It is filled with some amazing ingredients which would never fail to smoothen your feet. If you have extremely dry, rough and lifeless skin in your feet, application of Vaseline would simply smoothen your feet! Apply some Vaseline on your feet before sleeping and cover our feet with soak. Sleep with this amazing ingredient on your feet overnight and next morning, feel the softness in your feet!


2. Luke Warm Water Soak:

Luke warm water is a cool and beneficial remedy which you can try to fight dry and rough skin. Get some Luke warm water and soak your feet in this water for few minutes! This would naturally remove your dry and rough skin, keeping it smooth, flawless and awesome!

Luke Warm Water Soak

3. Epsom Salt Cleansing:

Epsom salt is such an awesome ingredient which will remove all the dead and dry skin and will fill your skin with smoothness. Epsom salt is a scrubbing ingredient which can fight dull akin and has a magical impact on your skin! Get some Epsom salt and add into your bathing water. Get in this tub and cleanse your dry skin. Or you can also soak your feet in Epsom salt water for few minutes and fight dry skin.

Epsom Salt Cleansing

4. Glycerin:

Glycerin is awesome and has the ability to fight dry, rough and undernourished skin. Apply or massage glycerin on your feet and cover your feet with a sock! Leave it overnight and next day morning, your skin would get smooth, flawless and glorious!


5. Vinegar:

Vinegar is a cleansing ingredient widely sued for cleansing the skin and to fight roughness and dryness over the skin. If your skin too feels dry and rough, you can apply some vinegar on your feet daily and this would smoothen your fee by fighting germs dust and dry skin from your feet naturally.


6. Oatmeal Massage:

Oatmeal is not only a super cool scrubbing ingredient but it is also filled with some excellent nutrients which can cleanse your skin and get you free from dry, rough and itchy skin! mix some oatmeal and yogurt and scrub your feet with this amazing smoothening mixture. Within few days your feet would become smooth and soft!

Oatmeal Massage

7. Ripe Bananas:

We all love the delicious and sweet taste of bananas! However, this amazing ingredient can also repair your dry ad rough skin in minutes! Get some recipe bananas and apply this crush on your feet. Massage for few minutes and let its nourishment get in your skin! This would keep your skin hydrated, smooth and would also work as a magical cleanser for your skin!

Ripe Bananas

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