7 Best Tresemme Shampoos Available In India


7 Best Tresemme Shampoos Available In India

Tresemme shampoo is one of the very few shampoos among the cosmetic hair cleansers which claims to come along with a low sulfate shampoo. It is quite useful for people with more hair fall range. It helps to get rid of any kind of frizzy hair and dry hair during winters. It easily helps in detangling of frizzy tangled hair and hence making them appear smooth and silky.

Here Are Some 7 Tresemme Shampoos:

1. Smooth And Shiny

This is much affordable and is presented with a large quantity. This gives smoothness to the hair even if a conditioner is not used and further adds a good sheen to the hair. It also helps in reducing hair fall to a large extent and if used regularly, it makes the hair healthy. It comprises of a very nice scent which will stay on the hair for one day.

Smooth and Shiny

2. Keratin Smooth

Keratin, a kind of protein that makes hair look healthy and when used on a regular basis. Its texture, a creamy white color and spreads on the hair smoothly. Its fragrance is quite pleasant. It cleanses the hair in a single wash leaving no sign of dirt as well as oil behind. It will feel soft and shiny.

Keratin Smooth

3. Hair Fall Control

Having hair fall is a common problem in today’s life. This shampoo helps in reducing hair fall when it is used regularly. Its regular usage results in healthy hair and also makes the hair shinier. This shampoo makes the hair knot free by controlling its frizz, further making them smoother. Less quantity is used every time while washing the hair, even for oily hair.

Hair Fall Control

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4. Flawless Curls

Maintenance of curly hair nowadays is a quite tough job as this leads to dryness and therefore maintaining the moisture is important. It gives moisture to the dry and curly hair and gives it a smooth and soft touch. It comprises of Vitamin B1 as it is mild, hence can be used daily. It further helps to reduce frizz, making the hair frizz-free.

Flawless Curls

5. Color Revitalize

It is important to nourish any kind of colored hair to maintain. It maintains the color of the hair for about 8 weeks. It consists of Green Tea, Sunflower and Rosemary that helps in cleaning the scalp and give nice conditioning to the hair. It makes the hair smooth and soft.

Color Revitalize

6. Moisture Rich

The Moisture Shampoo comprises of Vitamin E, helps to restore the smoothness as well as hydration. It is quite mild and ideal for regular use. It is also for some dry, damaged hair as this hydrates it by restoring some right quantity of moisture, leaving them looking healthy.

Moisture Rich

7. Anti-Breakage

A person suffering with hair breakage problem must try this shampoo. It not only moisturizes but also nourishes the scalp completely, but also leaves it strong and reduce hair breakage. This focuses mostly on the damaged areas then repairs it by using it on a regular basis. It is quite gentle as well as mild and can also be used daily without any worry regarding the damage because of the presence of gelatin along with Vitamin B12.


Tresemme is a well-known brand among hair products. It provides affordability and quality products to its customers. This brand is getting popular because of their excellent hair care products and the reasonable prices.

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