7 Best Things You Can Do For Dry Hands This Winter

Winter is our favourite season which brings the chilly nights and stunning shiny mornings. We love the beautiful winter wear, jackets, woollen attires and the stunning bonfire which gives all the warmth and cosiness to the body. But along with these benefits and joy, winter comes with dry ad itchy skin and scalp. Skin care is the most hectic and tricky thing to consider during winters. During peak winter months, the skin becomes extremely dry and due to the dryness it becomes, itchy and rough. You surely need to find some techniques through which you can take a good care of your winter skin and prevent it from getting rough. Along with moisturising your skin, there are other numerous methods through which you can glorify and repair your skin.

Here Are 7 Best Things You Can Do For Dry Hands This Winter

1. Massage The Hands With Olives Oil

Olive oil is the best moisturising agent for dry skin. On your dry hands too, it would work wonders. During winter, the skin loses a lot of moisture and requires some. For providing enough nourishment to your skin, you must try this awesome remedy or massaging your hands with amazing olive oil. It would also provide warmth and moisture to your dry skin and make it smooth and supple.

Massage The Hands With Olives Oil

2. Apply Moisturizers

The best way to repair the dry and itchy skin is to apply moisturisers to your hands. There are numerous moisturisers available in the market which is rich with the ingredients and elements which moisturise the hands and keep them smooth. Apply these moisturisers 2-3 times a day to get fresh and smooth skin during winters.

Apply Moisturizers

3. Soak Your Hands In Baking Soda Water After Cleaning

Women generally have to do a lot of cleaning along with other regular activities. Dish cleaning, clothe cleaning or cleaning the house would require you to use water and the frequent use of water during these activities and during bathing, would cause dry hands. You can use a remedy for your hands to get dry. Soak your hands into luke warm water with added baking soda. Baking soda would soften and moisturise your hands making them smooth and soft.

 Soak Your Hands In Baking Soda

4. Use Shea Butter Cream After Bath

Nothing works as amazingly as the shea butter when it comes to moisturization. If you want amazingly soft and smooth hands, you must apply some shea butter on your hands before going to bed. If you have a habit of bathing before bed, you can apply this amazing cream after taking bath. During night it would save your hands from getting dry and repair your dry and itchy skin.

Use Shea Butter Cream After Bath

5. Wear Gloves Regularly

Gloves would save your hands to get more air and get drier. Also it would provide amazing warmth and cosiness if you wear it all the day long. y\try carrying gloves when you move out of the house or before going to bed for getting rid of dry and itchy hands.

Wear Gloves Regularly

6. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is highly preferred for skin and hair care, you must apply coconut oil regularly on your hands and body if you do not want to use the readymade creams and lotions. This amazing oil would get you enough moisture to fight the dryness during winters.

Coconut Oil

7. Use Correct Nail Polish Removers

The nail polish removers are filled with ingredients which can result into dry and itchy hands. instead, you can use the nail polish removers which are finely moisturised and would give you a smooth and supple skin after usage.

Nail Polish Removers

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