7 Best Spa In Kolkata City

Best Spa In Kolkata City

Our body is also a machine and it also requires regular maintenance, our body has to face the stress, fatigue, muscle cramp and many other things, so we need a place where our whole body can be relaxed. SPA are the places where you can go and give your body an environment of relaxing, there are many therapies in the spa that are good for the body. Kolkata is known to be city of palaces and this is most advanced city of the India, there are many nice spa.

Here, Some Of The Spa Are Listed Below:

1. Sawasdee Namaste Spa:

This is a spa located at 15 Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata 700020, India, this place is look like you are in heaven, you will have the range of body scrubbing, like the papaya scrubbing, salt scrub, tamarind scrub and many other, you will have the full body massage and also the pedicure and manicure facilities, people from around the world come to this place to enjoy this spa.

Sawasdee Namaste Spa

2. The Thai Spa:

This is spa in the Quest Mall of the Kolkata, many people come to enjoy the facilities of this spa, it has the stone spa therapy, Thai massage by professionals, facial scrubs, foot massage, body scrub, body wrap and many other, the best thing about this spa is that it has the therapy massage for the pregnant massage to relieve the stress of pregnancy.

The Thai Spa

3. Aura Spa:

This spa is located at The Park, Kolkata 700016, India, which is a famous are on the park street road of Kolkata, you can book the facilities of this spa online or over the phone, it gives you the 7 therapies for the whole body, including the body massage therapy by the professionals, steam bath, gym, swimming and many more, you will feel that you are in the nature and your whole body can relax in it.

Aura Spa

4. Astha Spa:

This spa is located at 24 Park Street, Magma House | Complex, Opp. Park St P.O, Park, Kolkata 700016. In this spa you will get a range of massage by the professional, like the aroma therapy, body tissue therapy, hand and leg massage, the place is like a divine and the positive energy blows to this place always, so you need to visit this place.

Astha Spa

5. Spalicious Spa:

24 Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata 700020, India is the location of this place and the connectivity to this place is also so good, the stone therapy, Thai head massage is the best one, steam bath, tissue therapy are the facilities provided by this spa, the place is so luxurious and price is also reasonable, it just like you are enjoying in the lap of nature.

Spalicious Spa

6. Spa by Jw:

This is the spa located at the 4A, J.B.S. Haldane Avenue Kolkata, Kolkata 700105, India. This is the place where your body feels like in heaven, the place is so divine with full of the positive energies around it, it gives you the ayurvedic facilities, Body scrub, facials, foot bath, hair therapy, manicures and pedicures, steam bath and many other facilities at a very reasonable price.

Spa by Jw

7. O2 Spa Novotel:

This is a spa club located at Major Arterial Road(East-West) | CF Block (Newtown), Action Area, Kolkata, India. The connectivity to this place is good, the place is unique and they have the range of the facilities like the foot massage, muscle massage, eye massage, ayurvedic massage, head massage, joint therapy, steam bath and many more.

O2 Spa Novotel

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