7 Best Ponds Face Washes


Pond’s is a very popular and loved beauty brand that brings best quality products to enhance the beauty of a woman. Its awesome quality and affordable price has made it a household’s name. All the products under this brand are completely reliable and effective. Their amazing range of beauty products comprising of cold creams, face washes, anti-ageing creams, flawless finish BB creams have captured not only the market but also everyone’s heart.

Here Are 7 Best Ponds Face Washes:

1. Anti-Ageing Regenerating Face Wash

There is no person on this earth who would not want to look young? Ponds truly understand this hidden desire in each one of us and so have formulated a magical face wash that not only cleans your skin but also makes it young and radiant. It has active ingredients that gently removes all the dead skin cells from the skin and add moisture to it. This face wash is made for both men and women and suits all skin types.

Anti-Ageing Regenerating Face Wash

2. Whitening Cleansing Facial Foam Face Wash

This is effective facial foam that not only absorbs impurities and dirt from your skin and renders you a flawless and shining skin. This facial foam has activated carbon along with nourishment of vitamin B3 that lightens blemishes, spots and marks on the skin. Your skin gains an amazing natural radiance. This facial foam can be used on all types of skin.

Whitening Cleansing Facial Foam Face Wash

3.Gold Shine Boosting Cleansing Lotion

With passing age your skin starts to lose its glow. This cream gives an instant boost to your dull and tired face. In a couple of applications you would notice your skin look fresh, bright and white. This facial foam makes your skin tight and improves its elasticity.

Gold Shine Boosting Cleansing Lotion

4. Pores Tightening Facial Foam

Blemishes, wide and visible skin pores are the reasons for your old look. To get a younger looking skin you need a face wash that deals with both these issues effectively. This face wash is made up of glacial clay that not just removes oil, impurities and dirt from the face but also reduces the size of the skin pores. This face wash is also appropriate for all types of skin.

Pores Tightening Facial Foam

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5. Flawless White Facial Foam Face Wash

This facial foam is enriched with skin vitalising VAO-B3 complex that clears your skin and gives it a flawless look. Its deep cleansing action, works on the deeper levels of the skin, lessens spots and imparts an even skin tone. Regular application of this face wash helps lighten the skin complexion and makes it glowing.

Flawless White Facial Foam Face Wash

6. White Beauty Spot Lightening Facial Foam

This facial foam is made with the extracts of camellia leaf that deeply cleanses the skin and exfoliates it. Tested by dermatologists this face wash gives you fair skin by lightening the dark facial spots effectively.

White beauty Spot Lightening Facial Foam

7. No Blackheads Cleansing Facial Foam

Blackheads destroy your look and make you look less attractive. People who have blackheads on their skin should use this facial foam. This foam has unique composition of volcanic clay that quickly absorbs the skin. It small beads act as a magnet to remove all the dirt, oil and impurities from the deeper layers of the skin. This facial foam is also beneficial in unclogging the skin pores and reduces blackheads.

No Blackheads Cleansing Facial Foam

Not only these face-washes clean your skin but also nourish it. So try these effective and safe beauty products for a dazzling white and flawless glow each time.

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