7 Best Orange Lipsticks Available

Orange Lipsticks

Orange lipstick is meant for ladies who love to dress bold. Orange is a vibrant colour and known to brighten up any face super instantly. It imparts a glow filled with fun and excitement. So if you want to rock the party then there is nothing better than an orange colour lipstick. In this article we will tell you about seven best orange lipsticks available.

Here Are The 7 Best Orange Lipsticks Available:

Orange Matte Lipstick By Colorbar:

This is loveliest shade of all the orange lipsticks available in the market. This lipstick is launched with the name of Obsessed Orange and has made many people obsessed with its fascinating shade. This lipstick is very well pigmented and can be worn in the form of a tint too. It costs you Rs.250/- and you would love it if you are fond of funky lip colours. You would get a staying power of near about three hours.

Orange Matte Lipstick By Colorbar

Rich Moisture French Rose Lipstick by Faces:

This lipstick has as cute orange colour that is super pigmented with a great staying power too. It gives high colour pay off in just a few swipes. It does not bleed and not dry your lips. With a smooth, creamy and blend-able texture this lipstick imparts a beautiful orange shade to your lips on application. The texture of this lipstick is creamy. This fabulous lipstick is available at Rs.330/-.

Rich Moisture French Rose Lipstick by Faces

O’ Orange Lipstick by Lotus Herbal:

This is an orange coloured lipstick that gives a good shine to your lips. Its offers you amazing sheer coverage. You need to be swipe it a few times to see the colour clearly. This lipstick does not provide good pigmentation but a very good colour. The price of this lipstick is Rs. 395/-

O’ Orange Lipstick by Lotus Herbal

Extreme and Sensational Bronze Orange Lipstick by Maybelline:

Bronze Orange gives good pigmentation with a muted and subtle orange shade. Try this lipstick if you do not prefer bold look. If you have not tried this colour before then this is the perfect lipstick to make your first move. This lip colour gets absorbed into the skin easily and forms no fine lines. Its creamy texture is best suited for daily wear makeup. You would get this lipstick at a decent price of Rs. 250/-.

Extreme and Sensational Bronze Orange Lipstick by Maybelline

Freedom Lipstick Number 37 by Inglot:

This lipstick gives you a perfect colour full of vibrancy and excitement. You would get this lipstick in round pans so you need a lip brush to apply it. With a good pigmentation and staying power this lipstick is yours in just Rs. 250/-.

Freedom Lipstick Number 37 by Inglot

Intense Burning Sunset Lipstick by Loreal:

This lipstick will make you look glamorous and flashy. The shimmer and the intense colour offered by it are spectacular and make you look like a diva. Its powerful pigmentation and wonderful staying power makes it worthy to have in your kitty. Application of this lipstick does not dry your lips. This lipstick is available at Rs 600/-.

Intense Burning Sunset Lipstick by Loreal

Matte Lipstick in Orange Flambe by Chambor:

As opposed to the name, this lipstick does not give bold colour. It definitely is wearable. This colour looks best on people with warmer skin tones. It does not easily wash out and is most suitable for Indian skin tones. It gives good pigmentation and stays up to three hours. You can get this wonderful product at an amazing price of Rs. 450.

Matte Lipstick in Orange Flambe by Chambor

I hope you would find your favourite bright orange colour lipstick here. Make a lasting impression with these awesome lipsticks today!

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