7 Best MAC Pink Lipsticks Available In India

Best MAC Pink Lipsticks Available In India

A woman loves to show their sensuality and boldness with the kind of Lipsticks they imply on their beautiful pulpy lips. Lipsticks is a cosmetic product containing various substances such as waxes especially the carnauba wax, oils like olive oil, mineral oil etc. and various colored organic and inorganic pigments. The pink color of the lipstick is very much famous and popular among women of all ages. One of the best brands that offer the best shades of pink is MAC. The shades of the MAC lipsticks are unique and very much different from the other brands of lipsticks. A MAC lipstick gives a natural look to your face. In the present day, MAC is one of the leading cosmetic brands that have taken the entire market around the globe by storm.

Here Are 7 Best MAC Pink Lipstick That Every Women Must Have In Order To Look To Beautiful And Adorable:

Kind A Sexy From MAC Lipstick

The name of the lipstick is self explanatory. This matte lipstick from MAC will actually make you look sexier than what you actually are. The lipstick is very much famous among the teenage girls who always want to look beautiful. This particular shade from MAC is perfect from morning as well as evening outing with your friends. The lipstick is perfect for all occasions and is actually a signature trend for the teenagers. The Kind a sexy lipstick has neutral pink rose shade.

Kind a sexy from MAC lipstick

MAC lipstick’s Please Me

The Please me lipstick from MAC is very much popular among women for all age types. The lipstick has a pinkish shade which gives a pleasant and beautiful look. The lipstick give a natural and fresh look to your face which is perfect wear for evening parties and special occasions.

MAC lipstick’s Please me

Sunny Seoul From MAC

This sunny seoul pink shade lipstick from MAC is the best lipstick to use during the spring season. The lipstick keeps your lips moisturized and gives a natural look to your lips. In order to have the perfect shade of your lipstick you need to apply at least 3 coatings on your lips.

Sunny Seoul from MAC

Cosmo From MAC

The cosmo link from MAC has a mutated pink shade which gives an adorable look to your lips. The lipstick has fine texture which is very much good for your lips. In order to have the glossy and shiny look you actually require 2-3 coatings.

Cosmo from MAC

Candy Yum Yum From MAC

The candy yum yum matte lipstick from MAC gives a bubbly look to your face. The lipstick has a neon pink shade which is perfect for evening parties. The lipstick highlights your face beautifully and gives a natural look to your face.

Candy Yum Yum from MAC

Lady Gaga From Viva Glam Collection By MAC

The viva glam Lady Gaga lipstick has bright pale pink shade. The lipstick is perfect for teenage girls which gives a Barbie type quite look to your face. This matte finish lipstick is long lasting and gives a glossy look to your lips. The lipstick is perfect for summer season.

Lady Gaga from Viva Glam collection by MAC

Angel From MAC Lipstick

The color of the angel lipstick from MAC is soft pink. The color of lipstick is unique and stuble which gives a natural look to your lips. The lipstick is best for regular wear and also looks best if you use the lipstick for general outings. The lipstick is also long lasting which requires 2-3 coatings in order to have the glossy look.

Angel from MAC lipstick

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