7 Best Hair Colors For Every Skin Tone To Try This Season

Finding a suitable hair color is not an easy task. We experiment a lot with our hair color to get the color matching our skin tone. Most of the people don’t consider skin tone important when they hunt for their hair color. But, skin tone plays a vital role in determining the hair color that can make you look your best version. We must keep one thing in mind that it’s not about the color we like but it’s about the color our skin likes. A perfect hair color can complement our skin tone and help us pop out facial features. If you get a wrong hair color, you will end up with a washed out, unnatural, tired and older look. To help you find the most suitable hair color.

We Have Listed Down 7 Best Hair Colors For Every Skin Tone 

1. Golden Blonde

If you have a pale skin tone will green or blue undertones, then this hair color is made for you. It is a natural looking and multidimensional blend of gold, butter and honey hues. This hair color can be best achieved by giving your hair a balayage highlighting.

Golden Blonde

2. Dark Chocolate Brown

Dark chocolate brown hair color looks beautiful when paired with girls having medium skin tone with warm undertones. When you choose the right hue, this dark chocolate brown hair color will refresh your face and make it look younger.

Dark Chocolate Brown

3. Golden Red

It is a spicy and warm hue that goes with pale skin tone having yellow undertones. Not all girls with pale skin tone can wear this hair color as it requires guts to go out with red shades. But, if worn perfectly, this can really compliment the yellow undertones.

Golden Red

4. Darkest Brown

Do you have olive skin tone with warm undertones? If yes; then you must go with this hair color. Dark brown hair color helps to accentuate your facial features. If you have beautiful eyes and lips then your dark, lighter than black, hair will help you to enhance these features.

Darkest Brown

5. Caramel

Caramel is a great hair color that looks even more attractive on medium skin tone with cool undertones. Girls with this skin tone can add extra warmth to their complexion and make their skin glow. This shade is neither too light nor too dark and is perfect for girls with a medium complexion. Caramel shade can create an absolute masterpiece by completing your look. You can go for caramel highlights with a darker base or can get it colored all over.


6. Cocoa

Cocoa hair color looks stunning on girls with fairer skin tone. This shade is a kind of balanced shade – neither warm nor ashy. You can get all your hair colored with cocoa shade or blend this shade with creamy blonde highlights. If you have naturally medium or light cool brown hair, then this could be the best pick for you. This is the color to be chosen when you have to make a serious style statement.


7. Dark Auburn Brown

Girls with a dark complexion and warm undertone should go for this shade. This is a rich and dark brown shade that goes best with dark skin tone as it enhances instead of clashing with the darker complexion. If you don’t want to leave dark color are tired with the black shade, then your must infuse new life with this hair color.

Dark Auburn Brown

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