7 Best Glittery Eyeliners For Your Eyes

7 Best Glittery Eyeliners For Your Eyes

We all hate that feeling with you get the perfect cat-eye before a night out to party but in no time the glitter is all over your face and the liner is smudged. This is one of the most dreaded disasters for make- up loving girls.

Below Are Some Awesome Glitter Eye- Liner That Will Ensure That No Such Mishap Takes Place

1. Urban Decay- Heavy Metal Glitter Eye Liner

This Urban Decay eyeliner is a water- based superfine liner with a clear base that extenuates the eyes. Perfect for bad- hair days to avoid the focus from the hair to beautiful and chic eyes. This liner dries quickly and stays for a long time. This eyeliner is best when going for a glam rocker look and is available in many exciting and eccentric colors!

Urban Decay- Heavy Metal Glitter Eye Liner

2. L’Oreal Hip Color Chrome Eyeliner

This eyeliner is for the lazy- ones. Easy to apply, it just glides on the eyelids and viola! You are ready go! L’Oreal’s first chrome eyeliner for bold definition, with a striking metallic effect. This eyeliner is cheaper as compared to other brands and the colors are just gorgeous. But sadly, there are just 5 colors available.

L’Oreal Hip Color Chrome Eyeliner

3. Sephora Collection Liner Electro

This is a micro glitter-infused eyeliner pencil that adds depth to those deep brown eyes and definition to the lids. These eye pencils are available in creamy matte and metallic formulations each of which contain a sparkling hint of glitter that adds shine to your eyes.
Sephora Collection Liner Electro

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4. Bobbi Brown- Long Wear Gel Sparkle

A product of the Bobbi Glow Collection, it is easy to apply for amateurs wanting a professionally- done look. The eye shadow and eyeliner are together to deliver drama and definition to your eyes. Available in 5 eccentric shades: Night Sky, Sunlit Bronze, Thunderstorm, Midnight and Forest Smokey Topaz. These intense colours stand up against sweat, humidity and stress for up to 12 hours without smudging or creasing.

Bobbi Brown- Long Wear Gel Sparkle

5. Nyx- Candy Glitter Liners

These are the perfect liners to jazz up your eyes. It has a brush- ended applicator to apply a glittery line with just ‘a hint of colour’ unlike other liners with are coloured with a hint of glitter. These are great for a night out or even during the day as the glitter is not too much or too over the top. Also, the price is cheaper than a bargain!

Nyx- Candy Glitter Liners

6. Stila- Smudge Stick Waterproof Liner

Richly coloured and creamy in texture eyeliner that comes in a wide array of colours. It is a highly pigmented, waterproof eyeliner that lides to give a vibrant colour to your eyes that stays for the longest time. It is soft and smooth and does not smudge or crease. It creates a high metallic, sultry intensity that lasts to give you the perfect eyes.

Stila- Smudge Stick Waterproof Liner

7. Urban Decay- 24/7

Just as the name suggests, it stays on 24/7. Easy to apply on the waterline yet does not get smudged or spreads down to the cheeks after a heavy night of partying. It is creamy in texture and richly coloured. The best part is that it is available in all possible colours with tropical hues, deep metallic’s ad vibrant neutrals. Made with moisturising ingredients, no wonder why this is the award- winning eyeliner.

Urban Decay- 24/7

The above mentioned glittery eyeliners are totally awesome for glitter lovers. The look of your eyes will totally change after applying these glitter mascaras.

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