7 Best Dragon Tattoos

dragon tattoos

Dragon tattoos are the most common and attractive tattoos available. Dragons symbolize power and might. The meaning of the dragon tattoo is different in different regions. For instance, in Chinese culture they represent magic and also one’s power to control others, in Japanese culture they are used to represent strength, courage, guardianship and protective nature of the dragon. Dragons are considered as the master of all important elements on the earth. The popularity of these tattoos is because of the number of variations available. You can get them colored or in black, they can be simple or detailed. Tattoo designers make them more attractive by adding their creative detailing which will efficiently depict the meaning and the aura of the tattoo.

Here Is The List Of Some Of The Best Dragon Tattoos You Can Get Them Done To Gain Those Appreciative Glances:

Dragon With A Phoenix Tattoo:

This tattoo is a combination of love and friendship. According to Feng Shui dragon and phoenix is the symbol of everlasting love. This tattoo can be used to express your love also the importance of the other person in your life. It also represents a perfect union of prosperity and enlightenment. This tattoo will definitely help in earning you complement.

Dragon with a phoenix tattoo

Dragon With Wings:

This is a cool tattoo that symbolizes power, life, ruler ship, and a kind of magic. Dragons change their form and a dragon with wings is one of such forms. These powerful creatures with strong wings and knowledge beyond human’s comprehension are a truly attractive form of tattoos.

Dragon with wings

A Dragon Breathing Fire:

Dragons with fire illustrate a fierce power malicious in nature. These tattoos portray their personality as well as their heritage. The blend of colors and the black background make this tattoo one of those most desired dragon tattoos. The flames burning on its body add a nice detail to the overall design. This tattoo depicts the fearful look of the dragon.

dragon breathing fire

Tribal Dragon Design:

This version of tattoo depicts a slightly different message than the others. Where the other forms of dragons depict the power and strength of the dragons, this tattoo depicts a symbol of protection and spiritual guide. The twisting black lines and curves of the tattoo will look stunning and attractive. It looks vibrant and cool like other tribal tattoos.

Tribal dragon design

Celtic Dragon Tattoo:

According to Celtic mythology dragons are considered as guardian of wisdom and knowledge possessing great vision and power. This tattoo depicts the dragon as a mythical winged beast. This tattoo looks complicated but represents a normal dragon. The typical Celtic circular knot style represents infinite.

Celtic dragon tattoo

Red Oriental Dragon Tattoo:

Because of their serpentine shape they are portrayed as if they are twisting around. These tattoos symbolize the protective nature of dragons towards their children. This tattoo is usually for women because they have similar nature. Flowers are usually considered as background for this tattoo. Flowers represent the birth month of those who have a special place in your life.

Red oriental dragon tattoo

Dragon And Moon Tattoos:

This tattoo represents purity, influence and subtle strength. The dragon and moon are both water symbols and represent a relationship between the sub-conscious and nature and are associated with meditation and deep thought. This tattoo looks cool and is different from the other daunting looks of the dragon.

Dragon and moon tattoos

Try the above mentioned tattoos and feel the change in your appearance.

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